True Selfies is an intimate view of how Dr. Jon Mendelsohn’s talent transforms and impacts the physical and emotional life of Julie.  You are a unique individual and your situation is special. You deserve unparalleled attention to detail. You merit access to the best face lifting talent in the world.

We would like to share with you one patient’s journey. The reason – to help educate you on the transformational experience that will occur with this procedure.  Julie’s True Journey is an intimate story told through her eyes. Through Julie’s True Selfies we see her personal evolution – a passage of self-discovery.

Watch Julie’s True Story revealed as her dream comes True!

TAKE 4 – FINAL CUT:  Julie’s Total Facelift Experience

Synopsis:  Julie discusses her facelift experience.  From the time Julie walked into Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center on the day of her surgery, thru the healing process, she describes in full detail her amazing journey.

 Julie’s Journey is an intimate story outlining why she decided to have a facelift.  Julie tells her fears, her concerns and her thoughts throughout her journey.

Julie tells her story through videos which will be shared weekly right here.  

Julie’s decision on why she chose Dr. Mendelsohn:  “I chose Dr. Jon Mendelsohn because of his excellent reputation, double board certification, by both the American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery, and also because specializes in faces, and has performed an estimated 3,000 facelifts in his career. As with any other type of physician, you want someone who specializes in the type of treatment you are seeking. I also spoke with several friends who had wonderful results with Dr. Mendelsohn’s Advanced Facelift. and who all look very natural and refreshed.”

Julie's Before and After images folowing her Advanced Facelift procedure with Dr. Jon Mendelsohn.

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Julie: I just went to Las Vegas and posted a million photos on Facebook and I didn’t edit a single one, didn’t photo shop them, didn’t do a single thing to them which is amazing because I feel my skin is so tight and smooth and the wrinkles are gone. There was a blizzard the day of my surgery, it snowed about a foot the night before and that morning, the roads were a mess so I was afraid I wasn’t going to get there on time but thank goodness my husband was driving, I remember that part vividly. It was very icy, the car was skidding a few times on the way to the surgery which added a little bit to my anxiety.
Then I remember arriving in the office and I was in my comfy yoga pants and a jogging shirt and I was very tired, I remember I was literally laying on the couch, my head in my husband’s lap trying to rest a little bit. When they came to get me and walked me back I was excited that my husband got to go back with me before the surgery because I didn’t know if he’d be able to accompany me, and they gave me some very good drugs which I literally felt right away because I’m not used to taking any relaxing type medications. I remember right away, within two minutes, I feel this, I feel ok and I couldn’t care less what they did to me at that point so it calmed me down right away.
Lying on the OR table I was great because I had made my favorite happy tunes mix on my iPod so Dr. Mendelsohn had already hooked it up and was playing my favorite tunes, I made an hours’ worth of music just in case. The worst part of the whole prep was, as he warned me about, was injecting my face with the Lidocaine and whatever else they put in. I was actually so comfortable I was like tapping my feet to the music.
I don’t remember a whole lot about the recovery room. I just remember that I had this bandage wrapped around my head like a mummy and they took my blood pressure and that’s kind of a vague memory for me. It seems like they sent me on my way pretty quickly, I know they took my blood pressure. They talked to me about some instructions that my husband read that I don’t really remember because I was pretty woozy.
It just seems like I was out in five minutes, after I got up and went into recovery, they handed me some instructions and I’m sure it was much longer than that but to me it seemed like five minutes and I was out the door and I think it was actually noon but to me it seemed like I was only in there an hour.
Dr. Mendelsohn: So Julie just underwent her face lifting surgery, her advanced face lifting surgery, and to my delight she actually had results better than what I had anticipated. Some of the challenges with Julie were her anatomy and some of the loss of elasticity in her neck skin but we were able to support the smas very well and I think she’s going to have a beautiful looking jawline, we’ve gotten rid of her jowl and improved her neck. I think Julie will be very pleased with the results and I think she’ll be ready to get back on camera soon.
Julie: I don’t remember the first day almost at all. I slept very comfortably, I took some of the pain medicine, took some Tylenol, slept with my head propped up but I slept very soundly, I think I sucked down some broth through a straw, I really didn’t eat that much, and then all of a sudden it was the next day and time to come in and get the dressings removed so the first day was really a blur.
I slept like a baby and didn’t think I’d be able to sleep on my back because I’m not a back sleeper but I was good, I did what I was supposed to. I slept with three pillows under my head, practically all the way up because I knew it would help with swelling and everything, and then my husband is a pilot and he had to fly that next morning early so actually my mom came up to my house, no she didn’t because it snowed, Dr. Mendelsohn sent a driver to my house who got my mom and me and brought me to the office the next day, because of the snow and because and because I’m not supposed to drive and my mom would not, she’s eighty, she would not drive in the snow, to the office the next day so I could get the dressings off. It was a nice touch to send a driver, it really was.
That was amazing. I expected to go in and have them take the bandages off and show me in the mirror and I expected to look like a wounded warrior.
Dr. Mendelsohn: So Julie came in today, post-operative day one, we performed her surgery yesterday, we unveiled her, we took her dressing off and she began to cry. She was very thrilled with how her jawline, her jowl and her neck were all significantly improved. As I mentioned yesterday, we thought we able to achieve a better result than we had anticipated and I think we set the expectations lower with Julie and I think we achieved more. I think she should have an excellent outcome and I think she’ll be able to achieve her goal of getting back on camera.
What I was trying to explain was this is a typical patient, fifty four, she’s starting to see some changes and this is a perfect technique for her.
Julie: I had no idea, I thought I was going to be black and blue and bloody, I was prepared for the worst, like I was going to have to hide out now. I did not have a single bruise except for one of his injection marks on my neck. I literally looked amazing, I cried and cried and cried in the mirror when I saw what I looked like in the mirror I couldn’t believe it. My hair was in disarray but my face looked great. I took pictures of myself and I couldn’t believe it, I could not believe that I had a chin again and that my neck was smooth and the liposuction he did, there was hardly anything there, just a bandaged I could not believe there wasn’t a mark at all from that so it was a hundred percent better than I ever thought it would be the day after, that blew me away.
My mom walked in, after I got a chance to see myself, my mom walked into the room and said to Dr. Mendelsohn, what have you done with my daughter? So, she was the one who was skeptical and didn’t think I needed it, my husband didn’t really think I needed it either but I think she saw the dramatic difference right away so she was pleasantly pleased as well. I think she may be considering a little plastic surgery now too, we’ll see. So she was amazed.
I didn’t have any pain, the instructions the next day were a lot clearer than in post op because like I said, in post op I was a little foggy and so my husband was listening to what I was supposed to be doing, like sleeping with my head propped up and everything. But the next day, since I was very conscious, the instructions were very clear. The sent me home with Bacitracin, with the swabs and told me to use the hydrogen peroxide, I knew exactly what to do.
Before the suture removal I had, say day three or four, I had my rough day where I was really feeling rough and swollen and my cheeks were chipmunky so I would text Dr. Mendelsohn pictures and he said it was all very normal and what he actually did was he called in a Medrol dose pack for me to help the swelling go down a little faster but I kept the staff posted every step of the way on what was going on.
I’m trying to think, there were some other issues, any questions I has though ended up being totally normal, the same questions any other patient would ask and wonder about and nothing turned out to be anything significant but I think the swelling in the cheeks and that chipmunky, really tight, big and red feeling was my biggest concern, the Medrol dose pack did help a lot. I actually, let’s see my surgery was on a Tuesday, by Friday or Saturday I was out walking my dog. Now I didn’t look great but I kept the chin strap on and since it was winter I had my hood on and my big sunglasses on too to protect my face and I was out and about in the neighborhood walking my dog. So I’d say I looked worse to myself probably than I looked to other people, I don’t know if they would notice it as much as I did.
Oh right away. I remember it was the day of my surgery, even though I was bandaged up like a mummy right around my head, Karen Lynch told me oh my gosh, your chin looks great, because all you could really see is my chin sticking out and how it was oval again, so even one of the people in the office commented how, and I noticed it too, that my chin was chiseled and little again not this big old square thing, so I was excited about that.
The day I had my sutures out is like my first big reveal in public because as soon as I had my sutures out, my mom came with me, we went to lunch at First Watch. I was still having a little difficulty chewing at that point because it was only day six but I felt great, I thought I looked great so I’d say the day I had my sutures out was the day I felt this amazing transformation. I wasn’t hiding anymore, I was out in public, you couldn’t even see the incisions if I wore my hair down and a little in front of my ears. The swelling was down, I walked in the office and everyone in Dr. Mendelsohn’s office said wow, you look great so I think that’s probably when I noticed the big change, at day six or so.
Jamie took my sutures out and she did a great job, it probably only took ten or fifteen minutes and it was no big deal. I didn’t know what to expect because my ears were still a little bit sensitive at that point but it was no big deal, she did a great job, I don’t think I had a lot of questions at that point and I didn’t have any problems after that. Within two or three weeks you can’t even see them, he did such a great job. I wear my hair tucked back behind my ears now and you can’t even seem them at all.
Well I’m blessed and fortunate because I have my own company, I work at home, so much to Dr. Mendelsohn and his staffs dismay and amazement I was sending emails and working a little bit the first day so it really didn’t affect my work mode because I wore my chin strap as much as possible like they told me to, stayed in the house, worked from home, didn’t have any client meetings but I was going out to lunch and dinner with my husband and my mom the day I had the sutures out.
I think I’ve noticed more than other people have, of course I haven’t told a lot of people except my closest friends, many of whom have also had facelifts, so they’ve told me how great I look but I think I’m the one that notices it the most and it’s made me feel young again and more confident and I actually went out and bought some new clothes. I feel like I hardly have to wear any makeup, I feel like my skin looks young again, I feel like I look as young as my husband whose six years younger.
I just went to Las Vegas and posted a million photos on Facebook and I didn’t edit a single one, didn’t photo shop them, didn’t do a single thing to them which is amazing because I feel my skin is so tight and smooth and the wrinkles are gone. But no one’s really come out and said to me did you have a facelift, I don’t think anyone would ever have the nerve to say that.
The hardest part for me was not working out, not doing the crunches and a lot of ab work for a while, so when I went to the gym everyone asked where I’d been, when I went back to my classes, and no one really said anything to me, which I think is good actually because it’s so subtle, it’s not obvious is what I’m trying to say. I just look refreshed and young and no one has really asked if I did anything. Someone did ask me if I had my teeth whitened so people are maybe thinking something looks a little different but they don’t know what.
I feel great because it doesn’t take me that long, I don’t have to apply a ton of makeup, I wash my face, I throw on moisturizer, a little bronzer and I’m out the door. My confidence is back, I’m not trying to hide from anyone, I’m just not worried how I look. I mean, even with no makeup on when I get up in the morning I feel like I look pretty darn good now and I think my husband does too. He was one of the one’s who didn’t really think I needed it but now that I’ve had it done I think he does realize how good I look. I think he really realizes it was needed.
Oh yes, I’m so happy that I did this and I remember, I think it was Karen Lynch, came in when I left the OR on the day of my surgery and said how was it and I said I would do it again because it was that easy. Right away, coming out of the OR I said I would do it again. I was singing, dancing, asking Dr. Mendelsohn questions and when he was pulling the smas layer back of my skin, it felt really cool, all I could feel was a little gentle stretching, I said oh, pull it tight, and I was just so excited about what he was doing.
Who would think someone like me, who hates blood and hates surgery, would be so fascinated about the whole thing and asking all these questions. So I would do it again in a heartbeat. If anyone has any reservations, don’t get general anesthesia, it’s just going to add cost to your bill, you don’t need it, do it under local you won’t feel nauseous and the recovery is easy. You’ll take a couple of pain pills in the first few days.
I think the most difficult things for me during the recovery were not being able to work out, it was very frustrating because I had to keep asking Dr. Mendelsohn can I do this, can I do this, and he didn’t want me jerking around my neck a lot or especially moving it from side to side so he banned me from TRX and piolets, so I had to find creative ways to work my abs, which I did, so that really bothered me a lot because if I don’t work out I’m not happy so that was a hard part.
I guess just giving me my youth back. I feel young. I’m not going to be afraid to go to my class reunion or go anywhere because I look and feel young and my face matches my body. I kept saying my face doesn’t match my little petite body and now it does, I feel like everything’s tight and pulled upward, as much as it can be and I’m just really confident.
I think the next step for me will be, I have some fine lines on my chin and my upper lip area that I want removed so I’m going to look into having the dot laser treatment to get rid of that. I might consider having a lower bleph in a few years, I had an upper bleph about six or seven years ago and still looks amazing, I have nice eyelids. I know my husband, now that I’ve had this done, he’s also considering an upper and lower bleph, so he will probably be getting that done as well.
I would do this again, Dr. Mendelsohn says ten to twelve years, who knows how long the maximum results will last but I wouldn’t hesitate to have a tune up in twelve years or so if I need it. Now that I know it’s a piece of cake I know what to expect this time/
CNN recently did a story on me with the charity endeavor I’m involved in. They picked up the story and ran it on CNN Newday a couple of weeks ago and that was the old footage of me last winter with my sagging jowl lines talking on a local TV station and I cringed when I watched it. I was grateful that the charity had gotten the national exposure but I looked at myself and said oh, that’s the old me, I look so terrible, I wish I had new footage.
So come August of this year, my partners and I will begin planning this charity endeavor again for your community and I will eagerly agree to be on camera, I won’t hesitate, I will be on every news show they want me to be on I won’t worry about it and if I send it in to CNN I’ll look much better this time around. But no, I’ll have no qualms about it. A couple of times last fall I found myself pushing other people in front of the camera and trying to back aside because I really didn’t want to see myself, especially in some of the harsh, natural lighting with some of the stations interviewed me in the daylight I looked exceptionally bad, so I won’t worry about that next time.
All that really matters is how I feel about myself, no one can tell you that you don’t need a facelift, you should, you shouldn’t , something will go wrong, something could go wrong, you’re the only one who knows how you feel about yourself and your appearance and I had to do this for me. It didn’t matter if my husband wanted me to do it or my mother or my best friend, I knew what I had to do to feel better about myself and these TV appearances were the ultimate catalysts, where I really felt how bad I looked and how droopy my skin was so it is toned and perfect now, I wear minimal makeup now and I love it, I could not be more thrilled, the procedure is a piece of cake and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I highly recommend it.
I always feel young, I feel younger than I am. I had lunch with a high school friend the other day and I said boy, I feel like we’re eighteen again, we haven’t seen each other in five years and we just pick up so I’ve always still felt young, like I just graduated from high school yesterday, how did I get to be this age, how did I get to be fifty?
So I’ve always felt young and I’ve always felt like my body was as tight as possible for my age but I’d see my face and I’d see these hanging jowls and it didn’t match my voice or my appearance or anything else and I just struggled with that for so long, as I saw pictures of myself on Facebook and deleted them and my skin was just droopy and there’s nothing you can do about gravity. Gravity was just starting to take its toll on my face, no matter how hard you work out you can’t work out your face and get rid of the drooping on its own.
So I needed help, I needed intervention and now I’m confident, I feel youthful again, I can’t wait for my class reunion and I said I wasn’t going to be on the committee again because I’ve done it every year but I suppose I will, because I look so good. Anyway, I’m thrilled.
I just went to Las Vegas and posted a million photos on Facebook and I didn’t edit a single one, didn’t photo shop them, didn’t do a single thing to them which is amazing because I feel my skin is so tight and smooth and the wrinkles are gone.