Dr. Jon Mendelsohn Cincinnati Opera Program



Launches Creative New Ad Campaign In Cincinnati Opera Program

CINCINNATI, OHIO — June 16, 2008 – Dr. Jon E. Mendelsohn of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center has always made it a point to “think outside the box” with his innovative marketing efforts. Says Mendelsohn, “In an increasingly competitive cosmetic surgery market, it is necessary to stand out from the competition. These efforts are largely due to the talented staffs of Chrome Advertising, who have taken our advertising campaigns to an entirely new level. Over the past two years, Chrome has created an ongoing series of dramatically different, highly tasteful and recognizable ads, each focusing on a specific cosmetic or surgical procedure.”

Says Mendelsohn, “Our newest campaign focuses on a new procedure that I have recently begun performing known as the Advanced iVolume Lift. The procedure gives volume, tone, and a more youthful appearance to the under eye area. We launched the new campaign in the Cincinnati Opera Summer Program in June 2008. The demographics of the opera patrons very closely align with the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center target audience, which makes the program the perfect vehicle. However, the overall effects of the procedure itself allow us to use a clever play on words in our headline, which states “We, Too, Appreciate GreatVolume and Tone.” 

“Additionally, says Mendelsohn, we are exploring other marketing opportunities and partnerships with other arts organizations and local businesses throughout Greater Cincinnati to create additional awareness of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center as one of the top cosmetic surgery facilities in the tri-state.”

Previous campaigns have included “See Spot” (Hair Replacement), “We Want Your Nose In Our Business” (Rhinoplasty), and the “Botox Bow.” Mendelsohn also adds that new “Hair Stimulus Package” simulated to look like the official government-issued stimulus check will arrive in local mailboxes soon. This direct mail piece is targeted to potential Hair Replacement customers. (Photos of all ads are available upon request.)

Dr. Jon E. Mendelsohn is double board certified by both the American Board of Facial & Reconstructive Surgery and also the American Board of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery. He serves as the medical director of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Centers new, state-of-the-art facilities located in the Rookwood Tower in Hyde Park. For more information, call 513-351-FACE or visit www.351face.com.