Mid-Facelift (Cheek Lift)

Addresses the following concerns:

  • Hollowness under the eye area and deepening of the tear trough.
  • “Falling” cheeks, resulting of hollowness of the central face and deepened nasolabial folds (laugh lines.)
  • Lack of definition of facial features.

Mid-Facelift Animation Videos

mid facelift

Mid-Facelift Procedure

  • Three well-hidden incisions are used. One inside the mouth, to release the tissue from the malar eminence (cheekbone) to allow it to be lifted. A second below each eye, directly under the eyelashes. A third within the temporal hairline, used to fixate the lifted tissue to the deeper fascia.
  • Procedure takes about one hour.
  • Outpatient procedure using MAC anesthesia in our own AAAHC accredited surgery center.
mid facelift cheeklift

Mid-Facelift Recovery

  • You can shower the day after surgery.
  • No drains are used.
  • You should sleep and rest with your head elevated for one week after your procedure.
  • Pain is minimal, should subside after two to three days, and is easily controlled with medication.
  • Swelling in the mid-face area is moderate, resolving in three to four weeks.
  • You will come in for a checkup the day after your procedure, sutures are removed at around six days.
  • You may wear makeup the day after surgery (avoiding incision areas) and appear comfortably in public in three to four days.
  • You may resume limited activities within the first week and most activities after two weeks.

Mid-Facelift Result

  • A more youthful look with clearer definition of facial features the week after your procedure.