True Selfies is an intimate view of how Dr. Jon Mendelsohn’s talent transforms and impacts the physical and emotional life of Julie.  You are a unique individual and your situation is special. You deserve unparalleled attention to detail. You merit access to the best face lifting talent in the world.

We would like to share with you Julie’s journey. The reason – to help educate you on the transformational experience that will occur with this procedure.  Julie’s True Journey is an intimate story told through her eyes. Through Julie’s True Selfies we see her personal evolution – a passage of self-discovery.

Watch all of the episodes in order as you follow each TAKE for every journey, or check out the FINAL  CUT for each patient as they recap their experience and reveal their results.

Below are the first 4 episodes.  Enjoy!  Your feedback is appreciated.

Watch Julie’s True Story revealed as her dream comes True!

TAKE 1:  Julie’s Journey Begins
Synopsis: Julie’s True Selfie Journey is an intimate story told through her eyes.  Julie is a self-confident 54 year old woman who is experiencing normal signs of aging.  She is uncomfortable with her aging face and has decided to embark on a facelift procedure.

Julie describes her personal transformational experience as only she can tell.

TAKE 2: Julie’s Fears & Concerns
Synopsis: In this journey, follow Julie and her husband as they discuss their fears and concerns.  Most common concerns are safety and looking natural.

TAKE 3: Julie’s Upcoming Facelift Procedure
Synopsis:  Julie talks about her upcoming surgery and details her confidence in how she choose Dr. Jon Mendelsohn.   You’ll also here how Dr. Mendelsohn prepares Julie for her facelift and setting realistic expectations.  

This is Julie’s FINAL CUT:  Julie’s Total Facelift Experience
Synopsis:  Julie discusses her facelift experience.  From the time Julie walked into Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center on the day of her surgery thru the healing process, she describes in full detail her amazing journey.  

 Julie’s Journey is an intimate story outlining why she decided to have a facelift.  Julie tells her fears, her concerns and her thoughts throughout her journey.

Julie tells her story through videos which will be shared weekly right here.  

Julie’s decision on why she chose Dr. Mendelsohn:  “I chose Dr. Jon Mendelsohn because of his excellent reputation, double board certification, by both the American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery, and also because specializes in faces, and has performed an estimated 3,000 facelifts in his career. As with any other type of physician, you want someone who specializes in the type of treatment you are seeking. I also spoke with several friends who had wonderful results with Dr. Mendelsohn’s Advanced Facelift. and who all look very natural and refreshed.”

Julie's Before and After images folowing her Advanced Facelift procedure with Dr. Jon Mendelsohn.

  • Julie's Before Photo

  • Julie's After Photo


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