Advanced Facelift by Dr. Jon Mendelsohn – Instructions for several months following surgery

What to expect at this stage following your Advanced Facelift

Reminders and Tips for several months after your Advanced Lift

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At this stage, you have had the opportunity to adapt to the healing process. You are probably back to normal activities and feeling pretty good about things. There may be some swelling in the tissue, and you are probably looking at the details of the incision which are absolutely fine. We would expect in some people that there may be some numbness around the cheek or in the ear area, the incisions themselves, the redness should be fading, if there is any itching that you’re beginning to notice, that’s something that you might want to report because sometimes an incision can itch and continue to heal even though there isn’t a problem. What we’re looking for however, is that if that incision is still a little bit raised and thickened and it itches, then upon your return visit we may place an injection of anti-inflammatory to reduce that, so that doesn’t continue.

[0:04:15] As the weeks and months continue, things will continue to heal further and we will continue to follow up to make sure everything is ok. At this stage we probably have made some recommendations to how to maintain these results and how to improve the health of your skin overall. The loss in elasticity in skin is a big deal, it really is one of those things that we look at with regards to how long does this last, so if we haven’t done that please ask us about it but hopefully we have.

Facelift Result

  • Natural, rested, younger appearance with smoother skin, a cleaner jaw line, and tighter neck.
  • Presentable appearance in several days that just gets better over the next several months.

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