Jeff Thomas from Q 102 Talks about
SmartGraft Hair Transplant’s



Jeff Thomas from Q102 talks about his prior 2 hair transplants and focuses his attention on how his upcoming SmartGraft procedure should be even more gratifying.  We will post Jeff’s surgery and postoperative course on this page as his hair restoration journey continues.

Listen to Jeff Thomas’s 30 second thoughts on Hair Loss and SmartGraft with Dr. Jon Mendelsohn.

Hair loss sucks and it can be emotionally painful for the men and women who are experiencing it. Do you ever look in the mirror and feel like you look older than you are. Maybe you’re noticing more of your hair falling out in the shower. I get it. I know how you feel my hair started thinning in my 20s. But Dr. Jon Mendelsohn has a revolutionary new technique to get your own hair growing back without scalpels sutures or linear scars on the back of your head.