2020 Seminar Calendar

2020 Renew U Seminar Luncheon Series At Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa

We’ll discuss everything from starting with simple Botox treatments to surgical procedures such as Facelifts and Eyelid Rejuvenation!
Our seminar series is always free, and they give you the opportunity to learn more about the latest advances in cosmetic technology and treatments.
We’ll cover topics like:
Upper Eyelid Rejuvenation
The Advanced Facelift
Skin Rejuvenation
and so much more.
Our patients have told us that getting the chance to meet before the consultation helped them feel more comfortable and knowledgeable about options specific to them.

Upcoming Days and Times

Saturday, Feb 8 – 11am – Mitchells-Kenwood

Friday, March 13 – 12noon – Mitchells – Kenwood

Tuesday Apr 21 – 12noon – Mitchells – Kenwood

Thursday, May 14 – 5:30pm – Mitchells – Kenwood

Saturday, Jun 20 – 10am – Mitchells West Chester

Saturday, July 25 – 12noon – Mitchells Kenwood

Friday, August 21 – 10am – Mitchells Kenwood

Tuesday, Sep 1 – 6pm – Mitchells – West Chester

Tuesday Oct 6 – 12noon – Mitchells Kenwood

Saturday, Nov 7 – 11:30AM – Mitchells Kenwood

Click here to RSVP http://docs.google.com/forms/d/1nlnhWimvGv7Xodv0vnjKIT1PasFHMnYpDBn0q2u4y5A/edit

or Contact Karen@351face.com for more information!