Kelsey’s True Selfie Journey – Rhinoplasty Procedure



True Selfies is an intimate view of how Dr. Jon Mendelsohn’s talent transforms and impacts physical and emotional lives.

We would like to share with you their journeys.

Kelsey talks about the impact Rhinoplasty had on her self-confidence. Kelsey’s nose is also revealed following her Rhinoplasty with Dr. Jon Mendelsohn. Kelsey wants to see herself as beautiful, however, when she looks in the mirror she feels defeated. Meeting Dr. Mendelsohn gave her the confidence to proceed with having a rhinoplasty procedure. The minute Kelsey saw her new nose, she was extremely emotional and felt like she looked great! Kelsey came into our office about 3 weeks following her procedure and brought cookies, flowers and a Thank You Note! She couldn’t believe how much this procedure changed her life!

Follow Kelsey’s TrueSelfie Journey and Follow Your Beauty!