Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty – Jill’s True Selfie Journey




Jill’s journey began as she wanted to do whatever she could to maintain her beautiful eyes. Jill feels that her eyes are her biggest asset. As she turned 50 she noticed that her eyes were starting to droop and she was looking tired. As Dr. Mendelsohn’s surgical scheduler, she saw first hand how his patients looked following having an upper eyelid blepharoplasty, which gave her complete confidence that she would have great results. Jill is excited to have the opportunity to share her eyelid procedure with everyone! Her journey starts here. Jill’s Journey starts a little different than most other patients’ in that she works at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center. A little over a year ago, Jill found the job of her dreams and instantly felt at home with the entire team. As someone who saw first hand how his patients looked following having an upper eyelid blepharoplasty, she had complete confidence that she would have great results. Jill is excited to have the opportunity to share her eyelid procedure with everyone! Watch as Jill experiences first hand what it’s like to a patient at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center. Jill loves her results and her only regret is that she didn’t do it sooner!

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So. About a year ago. I was sitting at home wondering what do I want to do. With. 10 years maybe that I have.

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To work. So I started researching and I started looking for something different. And I found this job at advance because banks are doing leisure center. And the only regret I have about finding this job is that I didn’t find it 10 years ago.

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We have great patients. I love their stories. I loved getting to know. There’s so much more than just. You know coming in here to enhance their looks. There’s just so much more.

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People always said. Growing up they always complimented me on my eyes. I mean I remember that. And it’s a it’s a good thing for my childhood it’s a good thing from when I was growing up and I want to make sure I maintain that.

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I started my journey with skincare here and I moved to injectables which I never thought you would get because I was afraid to get a flu shot. But now I’m actually here. I’ve had Botox I’ve had or. I’ve had before. I’m not afraid to tell people. I think it’s wonderful. I love eggs. And I am one of those the kind of people that I never thought I would do. It’s very comfortable. I’d rather have that done than the flu shot. Still.

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I feel that I could be a better version of me. I feel. At times I look tired. I look Stratis. I feel like the only thing I see when I look in the mirror is. My neck. That can be improved. And I need to. Freshen. More rest. At.

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Night. But you know what. Why not. Because. I do have pretty eyes. I want people to see that. So I was getting a little heavy on my leg. And Dr. Mendelsohn has agreed. To help me out with that.

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You really feel nervous honestly. Honestly. No I am not nervous at all. I’m very comfortable. It just feels. Natural. I know exactly what to expect. I know what I’m walking into I know how I’m going to leave here and I’m not here so I’m excited excited. Tell me why you’re so.

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Good. Are you OK. Why am I so comfortable with Dr. Mendelsohn. From the moment I walked in here for my very first interview. I knew this was somewhere and I want to work. Then after I was here a few months I’m like This is why. I trust him with. Everything. He made me feel very comfortable as an employee. I will feel very comfortable as a patient. I’m very excited for this procedure and I’m honored that he is actually doing this. Wow.

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Why now. I’ve always. Thought about it especially my eyelids.

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But I never thought it was something I would do. I mean I haven’t even had Lasik surgery because of that. I’m not comfortable with. Having my eyes were. So. But now I’m at a level comfort level where I can have this done and I will have this done. And I’m excited about the outcome. And I just feel like it’s a good time. Now my kids have. Moves on their own. I’m an empty nester now and I feel like oh my. So no I just. Have. Are these. How many. Days. Just to. Take you tomorrow. To. Help with. The cold. Constriction of blood vessels.

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With numbers. Why did. She. Clean here. What. Do. You do the next week until we get you back into your seat your. Sex.

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Life. I. Felt. Like. You should never. Have surgery. And. As. Everybody here you know you just need your writers. Out. Because. They. Were. So. Well you know that my.

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Older sister. Yeah. All right. Because she’s the we know you’re the baby.

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She is a patient of Dr. Mendelson. So after she had her procedures done here what did she have done. She had a man left and she had her eyes down also concerned. After she. Had a procedure. Now she as well says she’s looking younger than me and I can’t have that of the baby. She’s the oldest. So you know after seeing her her results and how comfortable she was. And I’m just I’m ready I’m next in line and she is thrilled she’s so excited for me to see kids that live here in the town. But I will see her this summer. She cannot wait.

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For me to get these measures tomorrow. The liposuction first. Going to hear a lot of noise. Remove all the instrumentation out of the way. We’re going come up to the left side. We’re finished with the eye. So wear bright red light. So move your head back and forth a little bit. I might pull your eyes open a little bit if I do. I’m only telling you. That. So. You’re not star. Chasers over there but you can talk and do whatever you want you you want to be relaxed. The first few minutes having to spend measuring and marking. And localize you feel a few little tiny injections. And. This.

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Is a really really nice person. We love having her here. She’s made. It work. For us. First of all I have a feeling we may get some of her personality.

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And her eyelids. Hey. This girl sure. This. Is. Dr. John Mendelsohn.

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Is an expert at what he does. He makes people feel called. Though. He. Measured were the natural creases here and we can even from the left and the right side. And we measured the amount of.

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What we considered the extra amount of skin. And you can see as I pinched this. Eyelashes you can do for just a little bit that’s as much as we want to take. We don’t want to measure up here we don’t want to remove the. Brown skin. Or we will both. Pull her eyebrows down. And leave her within the village. Closer. In. Women. Here’s her order to bring them on. A little. Bone here to. Bring this here. We usually extend a little bit beyond it just to open up around the rest of her face. And men. We would. We would be a little bit more conservative. Wouldn’t come out. As far. It’s been very easy. From. The first day. We.

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Ate dinner I took half a pail but I didn’t need it but I was afraid I was going to need it so I went ahead and took a half a while and went to bed. Today is day two of my postdoc my surgery was on Tuesday afternoon two days Thursday I am at work.

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I have been sleeping very well at night. I have a. Lot of bruising my high. School not much very little to no swelling. Still haven’t taken anything as far as. I haven’t needed to take anything as far as Tylenol or any kind of pain meds so I’ve been putting my cold compresses on my eyes as instructed. A little bit eyedrops here and there for dryness. But. Other than that. It’s been everything’s been. A normal week for me. I’ve been working driving’s sleeping great. Going to a couple graduation parties this weekend. I really haven’t missed out on anything. Pretty normal week for me. You’re suggesting. Your. Rights. Already.

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Absolutely no pain.

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Hurry out. Yes. Take.

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Care. That’s.

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So what’s my hair once the stitches.

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So you don’t need to clean your incisions anymore. Don’t eat the peroxide just recently you’re done with all that you can start wearing makeup tomorrow to give it another day. So. I think I still a little falling.

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Right now. You do. Your first job. You were a yellow. So. To. Your ice or anything or. Ice isn’t really going to help us find. Anything. That would help.

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Well you’re here those will go away. So you have those little bruises from her. OK. And then your eyes look. At. This. I. Know. You. Just give me your Christo’s decision is going to be. Kind of. A hybrid that. Has. More island. I can’t wait to put makeup on. I know. It’s like I have more I. Can make. Of.

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This world. I’m thrilled. I am at day seven my upper blood put pupil D post up my sutures. Have a little bit of mascara on I can start wearing eyeshadow but I don’t think I need it right now so I’m not going to wear any. Everything’s fine. I feel great sutures didn’t hurt at all being removed. It was very very easy.

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I wished I would have done it sooner.

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Right. You look great. It was easy. All right. So let’s see if you get those out. Can you close your eyes there for me. Yeah. So.

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Any problems.

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First of all not any dry eyes little dry eyes. The first couple of days that has since gone away I started wearing my contacts yesterday.

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Are you using eyedrops at all. We’re using them for.

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So let me go over a few things. So the incision itself looks a little bit red.

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It’s a little bit raised to feel with your finger as your little mascara which you could begin doing now you’re going to feel some of this in the central portion of your eyelashes that will go away.

00:14:18;20 – 00:14:21;16
But it may last up to four to six months.

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So you’re aware of the from the incision down towards your eyelashes your eyelid is thicker. But it is it’s more swollen. Obviously it’s looking better every day and will continue to. But really you should tell people every day every week everyone.

00:14:38;23 – 00:14:43;09
Just keeps getting better and better and better as you are sweet.

00:14:43;13 – 00:15:19;20
The decision also this temper here as it comes out towards the edge of your eyebrow begins in the crease as we get to that time really when it comes on the crease just a little bit that’s normal that will fade that will slow down. But what we want for women is we want to open up the eye to the rest of the face in men we don’t we’re we’re not as aggressive in that area but I’m just letting you know so that’s an area where you know even with your eyes open you may end up seeing a little reddish area and you see can you thinking. OK. It’s pretty straightforward. Regarding your. Chin here.

00:15:20;19 – 00:15:43;20
You can feel how thick that is. So obviously there’s some swelling there that are bruising. And the reason why we have to wear that chinstrap is so some of that. Some of the. Food that sits in there we don’t want to collect. So that would be feeling kind of adult. I’m sure that will begin to contract. We’ll see what we get there. I actually already actually I’m more pleased than I expected to be with.

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You truth. Now I have. Had. Some. Messages. In there. And get. Nice. To be with you.

00:15:59;00 – 00:16:03;07
You don’t need to unless you’re comfortable with it but you’re not protecting anything over here. So you’re probably.

00:16:05;15 – 00:16:21;23
Terms of exercise or stretching. I don’t want you to do anything with a lot of pressure on your eyes while you problem with. But otherwise you can do. Activities. That. You. Think. Will work. For. You. And.

00:16:24;20 – 00:16:31;23
Your doctor. Thank you. It was. It was so easy. It’s gotten to the point where I haven’t wore my makeup in.

00:16:32;16 – 00:16:36;23
A week and I’m I think maybe next.

00:16:37;09 – 00:16:48;06
I ever thought I’d go to the mailbox and I’m naked on a mascara. And now I think your eyes are just too bright. Are. Making. Me. Afraid.

00:16:48;19 – 00:16:57;02
Of. And usually we find that. Women. Wear. Makeup because they. Wear it see it go I shall see.

00:16:58;06 – 00:17:20;22
Well OK well be I’ll see you. But yeah I mean this is this is really typical. I mean once you’re sitting there and you know you’re in if you have concerns on the way it really will be more with like I say just when that decision is a little bit right if you’re in trouble. But it was easier to go from there. All right. Good.

00:17:21;08 – 00:17:41;10
Good job. I am at day 14 to week stuff from my. Surgery. Feel great. I’m wearing my contacts with no problem. Starting to wear makeup. And. I.

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Do a great. If you don’t believe me. Just try it for yourself. Use the code at the end of this video. For free consultation. Come on and meet Dr. Mendelsohn in his. And I look forward to seeing you then.