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Correct Torn, Stretched, Ripped or Gauged earlobes in less than 10 minutes

Lobuloplasty (earlobe repair)

Lobuloplasty – Correct Torn, Stretched, Ripped or Gauged earlobes in less than 10 minutes

Liz Bonis discusses a very common problem that affects many patients.  The video below shows how this relatively simple process can repair torn, ripped, stretched or gauged earlobes in only a few minutes.

Updated: Sunday, November 23 2014, 08:08 PM EST CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) — A woman from Anderson Township said she can’t wait for the holiday season this year.     That’s because she not only gets to dress up for holiday parties, but she’ll get to wear earrings again.

It’s all thanks to a quick procedure, which repairs a deformed earlobe.     From celebrities to artists to everyday girls, we all know it’s the accessories, that make the outfit, and these days those often dangle from the ears, or at least they did for Judy Thompson, until something happened. “It’s probably been 15 years ago that it broke through,” said Judy Thompson. Judy now has a common problem that Dr. Jon Mendelsohn, a facial and cosmetic surgeon, said often happens as we lose ear volume over time. “It just begins to slowly stretch,” said Dr. Mendelsohn. “It’s a dynamic or elastic tissue and we start to see these tears.” For Judy that was pretty devastating to hear. “I love some of my earrings so much that i started using superglue to glue the pieces together,” said Judy. So rather than continue this way, Judy made the decision to have what’s known as “a lobuloplasty,” “A lobuloplasty is a procedure to repair a deformed earlobe,” said Dr. Mendelsohn. For the ten minute procedure, the ear is simply numbed and the skin inside the tiny tear is removed so the newer skin underneath will grow back together.  It is then repaired with tiny dissolvable stitches. It will be about a week that Judy will need for healing before the hole closes up. In a month Judy can get her ears or that ear re-pierced, but it will be a little while before she wears anything heavy and dangling. While we are not what we wear, Judy has said that she agrees with what Dr. Mendelsohn said he is told a lot, that “Most people don’t feel whole again until they have their ears back and they are wearing their earrings.” This procedure cost just under $1000, and there is a slight risk of infection or uneven healing.

Ear Piercing

After 1-month, Judy was ready to have her repaired earlobes pierced.  This very simple procedure only requires earrings and 5 minutes.

The Procedure

  • Outpatient procedure performed in our AAAHC accredited surgery center under local anesthetic.
  • Incisions are located in the crease behind the ear and are very inconspicuous.
  • Cartilage is gently reshaped then held in place with sutures.
  • Sensation and ability to hear are maintained.

The Recovery

  • A soft dressing is applied to the ears after surgery and remains in place for three days. An athletic headband is worn continuously for ten days and then at bedtime for at least three weeks.
  • Sutures are removed around six days after your surgery.
  • You can resume light activities the same or next day.
  • Swelling is mild to moderate and peaks at two to three days and then disappears rapidly over the next three weeks.

The Result

  • Beautiful, balanced results.
  • Natural and presentable appearance the same week of surgery.