Josh’s True Selfie Journey – Rhinoplasty Procedure


This is Josh’s Journey.  Josh developed his relationship with Dr. Mendelsohn about 15 years ago starting with Botox treatments.  Joshua was always a little self-conscience about his “roman” nose and decided that it was time to have it surgically corrected.  Josh met with Dr. Mendelsohn and developed a plan on proceeding with rhinoplasty.

You’ll discover Josh is dynamic, passionate and very self confident and loves to be around people.  He loves posting his image on social media and has a positive and persuasive personality.  We enjoy Joshua every time he comes to our office and when you view his video you’ll see why.

For Josh, he had very few fears.  Mostly he was concerned about some of the information he saw through Reality TV, including recovery time, swelling, pain management and a nose that wouldn’t match his face.  He learned that he had an easy recovery and Josh felt he had a beautiful experience with Dr. Mendelsohn and followed the recovery instructions diligently.

Josh is the master at taking selfies!  He loves them!!!!