The Complete Nonsurgical Advanced iVolume Lift

Dr. Jon Mendelsohn and his team at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center have mastered the Art of Facelifting and Facial Sculpting using today’s safe and natural injectable fillers.  For those patient who are not seeking Dr. Mendelsohn’s Advanced Lift procedure, this may be your solution.

Along with our REVITALeyes nonsurgical eye region rejuvenation, the iVolume Lift completes various regions of the lower face including the folds, jowls, jawline, lip, cheek and chin area.  Please contact us by emailing us.

iVolume lift

Addresses the following concerns:

  • Midfacial Volume Loss
  • Restores Cheek Volume
  • Provides a more youthful cheek region
  • Softens the nano-labial folds
  • Improves the Jowls, Jawline and chin area

Juvederm Voluma Procedure

  • Dr. Mendelsohn will choose the proper location best suited for your individual concerns.
  • Voluma is injected in the cheek and midfacial region.
  • Treatment takes a matter of minutes, depending upon how many areas are being treated.