miraDry for Hyperhidrosis – Excessive Sweating


(Excessive Sweating, Hyperhidrosis)

Addresses Excessive Sweating under the arms

miraDry is a fantastic treatment that we offer at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center. It is treatment that permanently disables or eliminates the sweat glands in your underarms. That may not sound important if you don’t have a sweating issue, but if you do it can mean a really drastic change in your life.  For the person who has perspiration as an issue, their armpits are wet whether they are stressed, relaxed or happy.  This is an uncontrollable problem and it really has a huge effect on personal and professional life.

miraDry delivers precisely controlled energy non-evasively to the region where the sweat glands reside.  Energy heats and eliminates wet glands.  Since sweat glands do not grow back or regenerate, there is a dramatic and lasting reduction of sweat.

miraDry usually takes two treatments spaced about two months apart.  Once the glands are killed by the heat, they do not regenerate resulting in about 82% sweat reduction!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the miraDry® procedure?

The miraDry procedure is quick, non-invasive and provides a lasting solution for excessive underarm sweat. The handpiece from the miraDry System, when placed on the underarm, delivers precisely controlled energy to the region where the sweat glands reside and eliminates sweat glands non-invasively. The sweat glands do not come back once eliminated, resulting in a dramatic and lasting reduction of underarm sweat.

What is the procedure like?

The procedure involves no surgical incisions or cuts. The clinician customizes treatment for each underarm area with multiple placements of the miraDry handpiece. Local anesthesia is administered to the underarms prior to the procedure to maintain comfort. Your office visit appointment will generally last about an hour. Two procedures spaced three months apart are required to maximize the results and duration.

What happens after the procedure?

There is minimal to no downtime following the procedure. Your doctor will likely recommend a mild over-the-counter pain medication and use of ice packs for a few days. You should be able to return to normal activities or work right after the procedure, and you can typically resume exercise within several days. Some localized soreness or swelling is normal, and typically clears within a few weeks. Some patients have short-term altered sensation in the skin of their underarms or upper arms, which gradually disappears.

What results can I expect?

Most patients report a dramatic reduction of their sweat – in a recent clinical study1, the average sweat reduction was 82%. You should see a reduction in sweat immediately after treatment. As with any medical procedure, results will vary by person.
[1 Clinical study data on file at Miramar Labs, Inc.]

How long will the results last?

The results are lasting because the sweat glands do not come back or regenerate after they have been eliminated. The miraDry procedure uses a safe, non-invasive technology that is FDA cleared to eliminate sweat glands in the underarm.

Don’t I need my underarm sweat glands?

Your body contains over 4 million sweat glands, with only about 2% located in the underarms. Eliminating this 2% will not affect the body’s ability to cool itself.

How is the miraDry procedure different from other treatment options?

Other treatment options are designed to temporarily disable the sweat glands, or involve surgery which contains inherent risks. Only the miraDry procedure provides a lasting solution with a non-invasive treatment.

Is the miraDry procedure right for me?

If embarrassing underarm sweat outbreaks, stained clothing or frequent antiperspirant application interfere with your daily life, then you may be a good candidate for the miraDry procedure.

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