Botox Reunion Rollback March 2008



Be The One Who Doesn’t Look A Year Older At Your Class Reunion!

CINCINNATI, OHIO — March 11, 2008 — Have a high school or college reunion coming up this summer? Wishing that you could “rollback the years” in just a few short days with no down time? Introducing Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center’s BotoxÒ Reunion Rollback!

How does it work?

Get a group of 10 friends together, come in for our “BotoxÒ Reunion Rollback” Package and Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center have you looking younger in just 10 days! The total cost is just $1995.00, and when you split the cost with your classmates, it comes to only about $200.00 each. Is it worth $200.00 to be the one that “doesn’t look a bit older?”

According to Dr. Jon E. Mendelsohn, medical director of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center, “The total time for a BotoxÒ procedure is approximately one minute. Folks can even do this on their lunch break, and go back to work immediately thereafter. It really is that easy, and the effects can usually be noticed within 2-3 days, with the maximum effects seen within 10 days.”

For those classmates that want to take it a step or two “beyond BotoxÒ,” and venture out on their own, Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center is also offering a “Beyond BotoxÒ” reunion special on all surgical procedures including the new Advanced Lift. Visit and submit your personal reunion story to receive $100.00 off any surgical procedure for your 10th reunion, $200.00 off for your 20th reunion, continuing in $100.00 increments for every 10 years!

Says Mendelsohn, “The Advanced Lift combines the best features of “mini-lifting” and “face-lifting.” It minimizes incisions, downtime, cost, and the ability to perform without anesthesia, as well as tightens and secures the muscle and removes excess skin to yield the longest lasting and most natural results possible. There is minimal downtime, with all bruising completely gone within 7-14 days. The reunion season is the perfect time to consider this new procedure.”

This “BotoxÒ Reunion Rollback” package and “Beyond BotoxÒ” Reunion Packages are only available during the peak reunion season from March – August, so grab some classmates or submit your personal story and rollback those years! For more information on the BotoxÒ Ten Package, or to submit your personal reunion story, visit the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center website at or call 513-351-FACE.