Data Direct iPad App Designed November 2013

Dr. Jon Mendelsohn of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center

Develops New “Data Direct” iPad App Designed

To Service Cosmetic Surgery Patients More Efficiently

And Increase Revenues

CINCINNATI, OH – November 6, 2013 – Dr. Jon E. Mendelsohn, Medical Director of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center has recently developed a new, user friendly, iPad application designed to help plastic surgeons enhance the consultation process for their patients, while boosting the bottom line for their practices.

Says Mendelsohn, “For the past 4-5 years, I have met with plastic surgeons from across the country, and listened to their specific concerns regarding the cosmetic interest questionnaires that patients typically complete during a consultation. The majority of them felt that the software tools were not user friendly or convenient for the patient, and that they failed to effectively market the practice or recommend specific services and procedures to the patient. This led to the development of the Data Direct Cosmetic Interest Questionnaire app, which has proved both simple for the practice to implement, and also very easy for the patient to use. It also captures critical data for the practice, which allows them to serve their patients much more efficiently.”

Mendelsohn explains, “When a patient walks into the plastic surgeon’s office, he or she is handed an iPad to fill out the self-assessment. This short, 2-minute cosmetic interest questionnaire application may be custom designed by each practice and the services that they provide by using the Data Direct web portal interface. The patient is asked to complete a brief and easy self-assessment of his or her concerns, symptoms and procedures. Each area of concern is visually depicted with a “before” photo which reinforces an area of specific concern, and also an “after” photo, which addresses how it might be addressed cosmetically. The practice is in total control of the photos and procedures that are depicted in this questionnaire, as it also serves as a portfolio to showcase specific procedures.

Once the patient completes the questionnaire, critical data is immediately delivered to key team members via emails and text messages. This allows the practice to act in a timely manner to improve patient flow within the office. Patient needs and expectations are also better met as multiple areas of interest can be reviewed during their visit, thus making the consultative process more valuable to them. And the practice is given the opportunity to generate higher revenue as a full palette of procedures, treatment options and products are presented to the patients during the consult.”

He adds, “But I have saved the best for last After the patient’s visit, this proprietary software, developed from years of data collection, further analyzes each item including its quantitative rating and grouping and classifies it into meaningful cosmetic categories. Items are ranked from “1” – indicating No Interest by the patient to “5” indicating High Interest by the patient. The 4’s and 5’s then get grouped into specific categories based on the patient’s individual and specific concerns. By analyzing the patients concerns as symptoms, complaints and procedures, rather than procedures alone, we obtain valuable information that we don’t often get by simply inquiring about at the procedures alone.”

Mendelsohn adds, “Based upon the patient’s quantitative self-assessment, Shape Advertising, Data Direct’s award-winning advertising division, delivers targeted educational marketing to the patient in the desired categories. Data Direct emails boast an impressive 45-55% open rate, compared to the standard 18-20% beauty industry open rate. The patient is receiving valuable and timely relevant information tailored to his/her specific cosmetic concerns, rather than being bombarded with often irrelevant marketing material on an ongoing basis.”

Data Direct is now available with a free 30-day trial. The monthly fees, which include set up, support and data collection, start at $265. Additional packages, which include customized artwork and advertising support are also available.

Please visit to view the short video demonstration. For more information, or to enroll in the free one-month trial, call 1-513-800-7715 or email

Below is a link to screenshots for the Data Direct app.