Recession Hasn’t Reduced Desire to Rid Wrinkles!


Even With A Tighter Belt…Folks Still Want A Tighter Face

CINCINNATI, OHIO – October 23, 2008 – A recent article on indicates that the current economic turndown could give a “nip and tuck” to the $10 billion cosmetic surgery market. But what kind of effect is this impending recession having locally?

“Even though our patients may not be feeling good about the current state of the economy, they still care very much about how they look, “ says Dr. Jon E. Mendelsohn,

medical director of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center in Cincinnati. “Although they are undoubtedly having to make other financial sacrifices or eschew luxury purchases, the patients at our practice are continuing to keep up with their BotoxÒ injections, fillers and other skin treatments such as FraxelÔ.”

According to a 2007 National Clearinghouse of Plastic Surgery Report, BotoxÒ is currently ranked number one as the top non-surgical procedure performed in the U.S., with 4.6 million procedures performed in 2007. Fillers are ranked number two, with 1.1 million procedures being performed nationally in 2007. (To view the entire report, visit

Mendelsohn added, “I believe that non-surgical procedures are on the rise for several reasons. Non-surgical procedures such as BotoxÒ, injectable fillers such as JuvadermÒ and RestylaneÒ as well as Fraxel Laser Treatment are all highly effective, require little to no down time, and cause little discomfort. Additionally, they require no anesthesia, with the exception of FraxelÔ, where a topical anesthesia gel is applied to the face prior to the treatment. Add affordability into the mix, and patients decide that this is something that they just can’t live without – no matter what the economy holds. Feeling good about how they look is something they will not sacrifice.”

Mendelsohn went on to say, “Many people do not realize that 70% of the procedures performed in our office are now done under local anesthesia. Most patients are amazed to learn that anesthesia is not necessary in the majority of procedures, which dramatically reduces both the fear factor and the financial factor.”

He added, “The number of patients treated with BotoxÒ and other fillers such as and JuvadermÒ and RestylaneÒ continue to rise within our practice each year. BotoxÒ is up 59% overall since 2006 in our office alone, and fillers are up over 60%.   Compare those to the stats provided by Allergan, the makers of BotoxÒ, which show that BotoxÒ sales are up only 23% nationally. Apparently BotoxÒ is something that Greater Cincinnatians have decided they cannot do without.”

BotoxÒ injections are also on the rise for men, and according to Allergan,, the number of men receiving of BotoxÒ injections increased 10 % in 2007.

Mendelsohn went on to say, “Additionally, FraxelÔ Laser Treatment, a relatively new procedure used to treat both wrinkles and hyper pigmentation is also on the rise. The number of FraxelÔ procedures performed in our offices is up 143% over 2006.”

Mendelsohn closed by saying, “Whether the economy is up or down, looking good and feeling good about yourself is here to stay. Feeling good about your appearance will undoubtedly make you feel a bit better about the economy as well!”

Dr. Jon E. Mendelsohn is double board certified by both the American Board of Facial & Reconstructive Surgery and also the American Board of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery. He serves as the medical director of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Centers new, state-of-the-art facilities located in the Rookwood Tower in Hyde Park. For more information, call 513-351-FACE or visit