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Help My Tired Looking Eyes – Best Under Eye Treatment 2021

By September 7, 2021FAQ Videos, LIVE Plastic Surgery

Do You Look Tired?  What Can Help?


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Tired looking eyes.

Do you feel like you have tired looking eyes?

Are your friends asking you if you’re OK or if you’re tired? Or are you sleeping well?

If so, what can you do to improve and correct the under eye area? In other words, how do you treat tired looking eyes?

The answer may involve more than one solution, since many factors influence this rather complicated area of your face. This includes the condition of your skin, such as darkness, loose skin, wrinkles, loss of supporting bone structure and cushioning surface fat, the presence of fat pads, and puffiness or swelling.

Shadowing is due to uneven contours between the cheek and the under eye area and is the result of any of these issues. Patients with tired looking eyes often think surgery is the best solution. Consultation with an expert surgeon and injector will guide you in the correct direction for treatment.

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