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Who Can Fix Droopy Eyelids?

Who Can Fix Droopy Eyelids? Expert Solutions by Dr. Jon Mendelsohn


Droopy eyelids, medically referred to as ptosis, can impact both vision and appearance, prompting many to seek a surgical solution. The question of who can effectively fix droopy eyelids leads to a range of medical professionals, each with distinct qualifications. Among these, Dr. Jon Mendelsohn, a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon with a distinguished track record at the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center, stands out for his expertise in delivering transformative results.

Qualified Specialists for Correcting Droopy Eyelids

  • Oculoplastic Surgeons: These are ophthalmologists who have additional specialized training in plastic surgery around the eyes. They are experts in procedures that address both the functional and cosmetic aspects of the eyelids.
  • Facial Plastic Surgeons: Surgeons like Dr. Mendelsohn, with board certification in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, possess extensive knowledge and experience in surgeries of the face, focusing on aesthetic improvements and functional corrections, including droopy eyelids.
  • Plastic Surgeons: General plastic surgeons are trained to perform a wide range of cosmetic surgeries, including eyelid corrections. However, those seeking surgery specifically for droopy eyelids may benefit from a specialist focused on facial procedures.

Why Choose Dr. Jon Mendelsohn

  • Specialized Expertise: Dr. Mendelsohn’s dual board certification and extensive experience in facial surgeries ensure a profound understanding of the intricate anatomy of the eyelids, leading to superior outcomes.
  • Tailored Approach: Recognizing the unique characteristics and goals of each patient, Dr. Mendelsohn provides personalized surgical plans that address the specific causes of droopy eyelids, ensuring results that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally effective.
  • Advanced Techniques: Utilizing the latest surgical techniques and technologies, Dr. Mendelsohn minimizes recovery time while maximizing the effectiveness of the procedure, offering patients a smoother path to rejuvenation.

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center Experience

Choosing Dr. Mendelsohn for your eyelid correction means receiving care in a facility renowned for its commitment to safety, excellence, and patient satisfaction. From the initial consultation through recovery, patients benefit from a supportive environment dedicated to achieving the best possible results.

What to Expect

  • Comprehensive Consultation: Dr. Mendelsohn evaluates your condition in detail, discusses your vision for improvement, and outlines a custom treatment plan.
  • Expert Surgical Care: With precision and attention to detail, Dr. Mendelsohn corrects droopy eyelids, focusing on restoring a natural, youthful appearance.
  • Supportive Recovery: Patients receive extensive aftercare support, ensuring a comfortable and successful healing process.


For those seeking to correct droopy eyelids, the expertise of Dr. Jon Mendelsohn and the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center offers a premier choice. With specialized skills, a patient-focused approach, and a commitment to excellence, Dr. Mendelsohn provides solutions that not only fix droopy eyelids but also enhance overall facial aesthetics. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and begin your journey toward clearer vision and renewed confidence.