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Emsella’s Benefits for Men and Women in Treating Urinary Incontinence and Improving Sexual Stimulation

By February 15, 2023FAQ Videos, LIVE Plastic Surgery

EMSELLA – Amazing New Technology for Urinary Incontinence.


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Emsella’s Benefits for Men and Women in Treating Urinary Incontinence and Improving Sexual Stimulation

Sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence are two prevalent health conditions that can negatively affect many people’s quality of life. Although these issues might not seem connected, a weak pelvic floor is a common factor in each of them. The muscles that support the bladder and reproductive organs, known as the pelvic floor muscles, can deteriorate over time for a variety of reasons, including aging, pregnancy, childbirth, obesity, and certain medical diseases.

Emsella, a remedy for these issues, can fortunately assist both men and women in strengthening their pelvic floor muscles. Emsella is a ground-breaking procedure that stimulates the pelvic floor muscles using high-intensity electromagnetic energy. People of various ages and fitness levels can use the treatment because it is non-invasive and painless, making it a reliable and safe solution.

Urine incontinence sufferers can benefit greatly from Emsella.The procedure works on the muscles in the pelvic floor, which can aid with incontinence and bladder control. By enabling individuals to go about their daily lives without worrying about leaking or losing control of their bladder, this can improve the quality of life for those who suffer with urinary incontinence.

Emsella can also offer considerable advantages to people who experience sexual dysfunction. The procedure can increase pelvic blood flow and feeling, which can enhance desire and improve sexual performance. Both men and women may benefit from this, which may result in a more gratifying and rewarding sexual experience.

In conclusion, Emsella is a game-changer for people who have erectile dysfunction and urine incontinence, both men and women. The procedure is non-invasive, painless, and has the potential to yield considerable results quickly. Emsella is the answer you’ve been waiting for if you want to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, enjoy greater bladder control, sexual stimulation, and an all-around improved quality of life.

Emsella is now in Cincinnati! See how this revolutionary technology can help women regain confidence when they laugh, sneeze, and cough. Non surgical. No Downtime. Only 4 treatments! The exclusive provider in the region of emsella, Dr. Jon Mendelsohn talks with new reporter Liz Bonis and demonstrates emsella. Emsella works along with the O-shot (PRP). A similar treatment called the Wow shot is combined with emsella to also enhance results with leakage and sexual arousal. www.351face.com




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