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Can You Pierce Your Ears After Lobuloplasty? – Best Earlobe Procedure 2021

By September 17, 2021FAQ Videos, LIVE Plastic Surgery

Ear Piercing After Lobuloplasty


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Can you pierce your ears after Lobuloplasty?  Absolutely!

Allow your incision lines to heal for roughly six weeks prior to receiving piercings in this area.

On the day of your piercing appointment, bring with you some lightweight stud earrings that do not contain nickel. Pure gold, platinum or sterling silver are preferred on the day of your piercing. We will thoroughly cleanse the area and use local numbing to provide a comfortable experience for you. We will then mark the area to pierce and confirm placement with you prior to treating.

The piercing will be quick and pain free and then we will insert your earrings for you. In about one month your ear piercing should be healed and you may switch out your earrings to other earrings if you would like to. But please continue to wear nickle free, lightweight earrings for about three months after your piercing as your skin may continue to be sensitive throughout this time.

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