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What Should I Expect with QWO Treatment? – Best Cellulite Treatment 2021

What Should I Expect with QWO Treatment?


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What should I expect with QWO treatment?

What should you expect with your QWO for Cellulite treatment?

If you’re considering treating your dimpling or cellulite, QWO is the first and only FDA approved injectable for moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of women. How will your visit go?

You’ll have pre-treatment photographs taken and consents sign. The areas to be treated are marked while you’re standing and then you lie on your stomach for the injections. The actual treatment is minimally uncomfortable and takes only minutes. You’ll feel very small sticks as the needle goes in. That’s it.

Very little pain is reported during treatment. We ask you to relax for a few minutes afterwards prior to dressing. In clinical trials, no actual downtime was experienced. Bruising is expected and occurred in over 80% of patients, and may be significant in darkness and size. You should plan to wear clothing to cover your bruises for the next 7 to 10 days, possibly even longer. In other words, do not receive treatment just before a pool or beach vacation.

You may also experience tenderness, swelling, lumps or nodules over the areas treated. These lumps and symptoms gradually subside and may be felt more than seen and do not require treatment. You can continue normal work, activities, and workouts, so no downtime is required, although because of the bruising you’ll want to keep it covered. Repeat treatment is at 21 days and protocols are for a third treatment after another 21 days. Visible results from moderate to severe cellulite was seen in clinical trials 28 days after the third treatment.

It is possible to see results after one or two treatments. So if you’ve been troubled by unwanted cellulite, we finally have a solution for you.

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