Advanced Lift

(Rhytidectomy, Facelift)

Addresses the following concerns:

  • Looking older and tired.
  • Loose and sagging skin, especially around the jaw line and neck.
  • Double chin, “turkey neck,” wrinkles, and crepey quality to the skin.
  • Excess fatty accumulation in the cheeks, jowls, and neck.
  • Prominent laugh lines.
  • Very common procedure today for ages 42 to 55.

Facelift Animation Videos

Facelift ProcedureFacelift Procedure

  • Exclusively Developed by Dr. Jon Mendelsohn in 2002.
  • Outpatient procedure performed in our AAAHC accredited surgery center under local or MAC (twilight) anesthesia.
  • Surgery performed in about an hour.
  • An incision is placed in front of the ear, behind the tragus, and continues around the earlobe about 1 cm up the back crease of the ear.
  • The SMAS tissue is lifted and supported with absorbable sutures.
  • Excess skin is removed and the face is lifted and tightened.
  • Excess fat under the chin and around the neck may also be removed through submental liposuction and a platysmaplasty.
  • Unlike the “Lifestyle Lift” which may not support the SMAS or commonly does so poorly, the Advanced Lift delivers the result of a traditional lower facelifting procedure yet it is performed under local anesthesia and uses minimal incisions.

Facelift Recovery

  • You will come in for a checkup the day after surgery.
  • You will need to sleep and rest with your head slightly elevated (2 pillows) for 5-6 days after your procedure. (We don’t want you sleeping on your stomach.)
  • A dressing is in place for one day, no drainage tubes are used.
  • You can shower the day after surgery and wear makeup if desired.
  • Pain is minimal, easily controlled with mild medication (Tylenol), and subsides by the third day after surgery.
  • Swelling is minimal, and is mostly gone by the fifth day after your surgery, although you may look a little like a “chipmunk” for a few days.
  • Minimal bruising occurs as there is very little bleeding and blood loss during the procedure. You may appear slightly “yellow” on day 4-5 following the procedure. This is secondary to the small amount of blood resorbing beneath the skin.
  • Makeup may be applied after several days, and you may appear comfortably in public at that time.
  • Sutures are removed on day 6-7 following your surgery.
  • You may resume light activities during the first week, and most all other activities by the end of 10 days.

Facelift Result

  • Natural, rested, younger appearance with smoother skin, a cleaner jaw line, and tighter neck.
  • Beautiful and graceful, not a “wind-tunnel” look.
  • Presentable appearance in several days that just gets better over the next several months.

Facelift Before and After

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