True Selfies is an intimate view of how Dr. Jon Mendelsohn’s talent transforms and impacts the physical and emotional life of Matt.  You are a unique individual and your situation is special. You deserve unparalleled attention to detail. You merit access to the best face lifting talent in the world.

We would like to share with you one patient’s journey. The reason – to help educate you on the transformational experience that will occur with this procedure.  Matt’s True Journey is an intimate story told through his eyes. Through Matt’s True Selfies we see his personal evolution – a passage of self-discovery.

Watch Matt’s True Story revealed as his dream comes True!

TAKE 1: Matt’s Journey Begins

Matt started his journey about 13 years ago with Botox.  After meeting Dr. Mendelsohn, he threw the first Botox Event in the Greater Cincinnati Area at his salon in Hyde Park.  Fun, Food and Media were all on hand to learn about this new wrinkle-reducing product – Botox.
A few years after getting botox consistently, Matt decided to have his eyes rejuvenated.  Dr. Mendelsohn performed an upper blepharoplasty on Matt in 2007 and his eyes continue to look great.
Over the past couple years, Matt has noticed the affects of gravity in his face, mostly his lower jowl and chin area.  He consulted with Dr. Mendelsohn regarding The Advanced Facelift in January 2015,

TAKE 2: Matt’s Desire for a More Youthful Appearance

Matt’s Desire For A More Youthful appearance starts with Dr. Jon Mendelsohn.  As a self-confident business owner, Matt is very comfortable with his overall appearance but would like to have his eyes refreshed.  Matt actually enjoyed the eyelid procedure, having no bruising or pain.  He loved the results and felt more youthful with a boyish look.  Follow Matt as he continues his rejuvenation process with The Advanced Facelift performed by Dr. Jon Mendelsohn.
Doing something for yourself is important and Matt has reasonable expectations as he enters into the facelifting procedure.  Without wanting to wait for a magical age, Matt will have an improved appearance.

TAKE 3:  Matt’s Partner, Sean, is Supportive of his Journey
Matt’s partner, Sean, is fully supportive and is now considering having a procedure.  Sean feels that Matt’s confidence will be stronger by having the Advanced Facelift.  Matt loves attention and Sean feels this will give him the freedom to wear turtlenecks again.  Sean’s only worry about Matt’s procedure is that he is going to have to deal with Matt looking in the mirror and wanting to take more photos of himself.  Sean will be happy after Matt’s procedure, so that he will quit talking about it.

While Sean may have had fears in the past about Matt having unnatural results or looking wind-blown, he has learned that the most important aspect of Dr. Mendelsohn’s practice is having a natural looking appearance.
Sean’s only concern is for himself, because he has to take care of Matt!

TAKE 4: Matt wants to look like he feels!  Young At Heart!
Matt’s expectations regarding having The Advanced Facelift is to look as young as he feels.

Matt wants to match how young he feels inside to how he perceives himself on the outside.    Matt feels he has high self-esteem and when he looks in the mirror he sees his age.  He’s ready to take the next step by having The Advanced Facelift.  He wants to align how he feels with how he looks.
Dr. Mendelsohn explains how he will perform The Advanced Facelift on Matt.  It’s a little different with men.  There is a perfect place to hide incisions in men so that no one will notice anything.  There is no need for tubes or drains and with little to no bruising.  Matt can go back to work when he’s ready.  He’ll probably go into his business the next day to show off his “new” look!
Matt trusts Dr. Mendelsohn and his attitude will make his recovery easier.

TAKE 5: More men are having cosmetic procedures

Matt feels that more and more men are having procedures to look youthful in order to stay in the job market.  Matt feels that men will be a growing segment of the cosmetic surgery market.  “It’s not taboo – it’s evolution!”
With technology and pricing become more in-line, cosmetic procedures are popular and well accepted.  it’s not just for the rich and famous.  Matt has seen many of his clients that have had surgical procedures and he feels you really need to do your homework and feel confident that you choose the right surgeon.
“You no longer have to settle for droopy eyes and wrinkles!”, says Matt.

Below is Matt’s FINAL CUT: Matt reviews the entire process in detail.

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