(aka: Permanent Cosmetics)

Who Can Benefit from Micropigmentation?

  • Those with sparse or non-existent eyebrows as a result of over tweezing, alopecia or receiving chemotherapy treatments.
  • Clients with poor eyesight or an unsteady hand who have a difficult time applying make-up effectively.
  • Active people & sports enthusiasts who want to look great but don’t want to wear conventional make-up such as runners, swimmers, boaters.
  • People who have skin sensitivities, oily skin or are allergic to conventional cosmetics.
  • Busy clients who just don’t have enough hours in the day, and desire the freedom from daily make-up application.
  • Contact lens users.
  • Those seeking to correct asymmetrical facial features.
  • Those who want to look good all day, every day, with minimal effort.

What is micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation or permanent makeup has been around for the last half century and is a method of implanting color pigments into your skin to create a lasting cosmetic effect. Makeup can be as soft or dramatic as you like. Stop by our office any time and see before and after photos of our permanent makeup results.

How long does micropigmentation makeup last?

The treatment is permanent but it will soften with age, sun, skin peels and cleansing lotions. Retouching can be done at any time and one touch-up to ensure perfection and permanency is included in the price.

Is the micropigmentation procedure safe?

Yes, the micropigmentation procedure is applied under strict sterilization rules. Because this is a medical office, you can be assured that all disposable materials are never reused, and reusable materials are sterilized in the same method surgical instruments are, via auto-clave.

Does the procedure hurt?

Comfort levels vary from person to person but with our prescription topical anesthetics, patients find the treatments very tolerable. Afterwards you will be provided with a soothing gel and cold compresses to help with any discomfort or swelling.

Can I return to work or go out in public immediately?

Yes, you may have some swelling or puffiness and there will be some flaking of the area treated after the first few days. Your eyes will look like you have had a good cry. The intensity of your permanent makeup for the first week or so will be up to 50% more intense than the final color so don’t panic.

Permanent Cosmetic Prices

brows soft fill-inBrows (Soft Fill-In) $400

This procedure is the “standard” way that brows have been done for years. A shape is created for your brows and then completely filled with one color.

brows hair strokeBrows (Hair Stroke) $425

This procedure is an advanced technique where short hair-like strokes are made to look like real hair.

fashion eyelinerFashion Eyeliner $450

Eyeliner applied as thick or thin. We will look at photos and discuss just how you would like it applied.

virtual eyelinerVirtual Lash Eyeliner $375

This procedure is virtually the same service as eyeliner, except the liner is a very fine line that’s kept within the boundaries of the lash line. It’s barely noticeable and is best for those who want their lash line to look thicker and fuller but do not want actual “eyeliner”.

lip defining liner-1Lip Defining Liner $325

This procedure can create symmetry or subtly enlarge thin lips by expanding the boundary of the vermillion border. It can be a faint natural color or a rich dramatic tone.

lip color blush-1Lip Color Blush $350

This procedure applies a faint natural color to the entire tip area.

volumizing lip color-1Volumizing Lip Color $450

Essentially, a combination of the Lip Defining Liner and the Lip Color Blush, this procedure applies a color to the entire lip area and also defines the border for the look of lipstick.


Eyeliner and brow procedures include 1 free touch-up. All eyeliner and brow touch-ups must be performed between 30 to 60 days of the initial procedure. For any other touch-ups done within the 1st year, the fee will be based on the amount of work required.

Touch Ups after 1 year to be based on amount of work required.

For work originally done by another technician, touch-up pricing (including color-correction) will range from 50% of current pricing to full price. The cost will be determined during the consultation and is dependent on how much color is left, if corrections need to be done and how much time it will take for the procedure.

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