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What is Body Dysmorphia? One Patient’s Point of View – Liz Bonis Interview

Dr. Mendelsohn’s Patient Talk About Living With Body Dysmorphia!


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Recently, Liz Bonis from WKRC-TV, Channel 12 – Interviewed Brianna regarding her body dysmorphia and why having a Rhinoplasty Procedure was so important to her.

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More virtual meetings have some people feeling a bit more self-conscious about how their faces look on screen.
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But as medical reporter Liz Bonis explains, it’s also led to a rise in a common appearance related disorder.
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Hey, everybody. For months now, we’ve been following BriannaTenhundfeld very personal journey to face her own fear. She decided to take specific steps to confront a health concern so common. It is estimated one in 50 of us have it.
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I’ve struggled a lot with body dysmorphia, basically, as long as I can remember.
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Body dysmorphia is the feeling that something about your own body isn’t the way it’s supposed to be. In Brianna’s case, it’s her nose.
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What I see in the mirror brings me so much discomfort that it makes day to day living basically impossible.
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What separates her discomfort, however, from, say, the rest of us who don’t like how we look on screen is that with dysmorphia.
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That thing that you perceive is wrong would not be noticed by other people.
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Dysmorphia got amped up with all our pandemic screen time. For Briana, that translated to.
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It’s not even about this. It’s about this on me.
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So in an effort to heal both the mind.
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A lot of my life has been lost to this crippling fear.
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And the body. She decided, along with mental health support, she was going to get a nose job.
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We performed a rhinoplasty. It’s actually called a septum rhinoplasty.
00:01:36:29 – 00:01:44:24
As this video provided by Ohio’s Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center shows Dr. John Mendelsohn carefully customized her look.
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The most important thing really is during that process, not just sharing information about the procedure, but setting expectations.
00:01:52:15 – 00:01:57:27
Based on Brianna’s first peek. No bandages. Scared that.
00:02:06:07 – 00:02:07:01
Oh, my God.
00:02:08:04 – 00:02:09:21
It’s different.
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Oh, cool. It appears her expectations were met. Brianna admits she still has a long way to go. Dysmorphia can be so intense for some, they have to overcome the idea that.
00:02:27:19 – 00:02:30:20
I’m a monster. I can’t go out because my.
00:02:30:23 – 00:02:41:00
Appearance is so hideous. It’s going to offend others. I’m curious how much the outside now has sort of made a difference on the inside or how has it made a difference on the inside.
00:02:41:20 – 00:02:42:15
On the inside?
00:02:43:08 – 00:02:56:04
I think going myself, I just think that I’m a better version of myself. I’m a version of myself that is a little less anxious. I’m a version of myself that feels a little bit better about the way I look.

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Brianna Now, of course, continuing both that medical care and mental health support she says she hopes. If you are struggling with this more fear, you too, will reach out for help. I’m medical reporter in Liz Bponis. Now back to you. A typical nose job.

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Is usually at least $10,000 not covered by most insurance plans. Counseling for a dysmorphia that does meet certain medical criteria that can be covered by a benefit and your medical insurance.

Facial dysmorphia is a mental health condition where the sufferer has a warped perception of the appearance of their face. This commonly includes distorted views on how their nose, skin and teeth look.

I get this question “What does Dr. Mendelsohn’s philosophy toward rhinoplasty?” Well rhinoplasty can be an absolutely amazing procedure for the right patients.Rhinoplasty can also be very devastating for certain patients when it’s performed inappropriately and when the wrong patient is operated on. During our consultation we will assess your physical and emotional maturity, review goals and expectations and work through a process using computer imaging, bringing significant others to the conversation, we love that. And thoroughly reviewing how your rhinoplasty may benefit you.
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