Advanced Botox Center May 31 2012

Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center
Introduces The Advanced Botox Center

Botox and Other Fillers in Just 30 Minutes With No Wait

Cincinnati, Ohio — May 31, 2012 — Dr. Jon E. Mendelsohn, a leading local plastic surgeon and medical director of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center has recently opened The Advanced BotoxÒ Center (ABC). Located within the existing facility in Rookwood Tower, the center was designed with the patients in mind – to provide them with the very best care, along with fast and easy BotoxÒ Cosmetic treatments.

Botox is now used by over 11 million women and men worldwide, and has long been approved by the FDA as safe and effective medical procedure. In addition to treating dynamic lines that result from facial expression, BotoxÒ Cosmetic has been used all over the body to treat more than 25 medical conditions – including migraine headaches, neck bands and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

Dr. Mendelsohn routinely performs more than 40,000 BotoxÒ injections a year and is licensed to train other physicians in BotoxÒ techniques. As his patient numbers and Botox volume began to climb, he saw a need for a facility that would afford patients excellent service with minimal wait time. Says Mendelsohn, “Our patients spoke and we listened. When our valued and busy clients come in on a routine basis for BotoxÒ or other fillers, they expect minimal wait time. In order to accommodate our patients, I have personally trained three licensed BotoxÒ specialists, (Cathy Murray, CMA, LE; Emily Hutchinson, RN; and Cindy Tischner, RN), who have a combined twenty years of experience in the medical field. We guarantee that our patients can receive Botox and other injectable facial fillers in 30 minutes or less. They can come in for their treatment on their lunch hour and be back to work on time.”

Mendelsohn has continued to treat a rising number of men in his practice, many who come in at the urging of their wives. Says Mendelsohn, “Many times the wives are actually the ones calling and making the appointments for their husbands. We can now make a guarantee to the wives that the husbands will be back to work on time.” The Advanced Botox Center is offering a special Father’s Day Botox package for first time patients. Botox for Year – 20% off each Botox treatment June 10, 2012 thru June 10, 2013.

Additionally, ABC patients can now schedule their appointments online with the click of a mouse or smart phone at or by dialing our “no wait” phone line at 513-78BOTOX.

Dr. Jon E. Mendelsohn is double board certified by both the American Board of Facial & Reconstructive Surgery and also the American Board of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery. He serves as the medical director of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center’s new, state-of-the-art facilities located in the Rookwood Tower in Hyde Park, and also in Dayton at Transforming Techniques, conveniently located on Far Hills Avenue in the Royal Swiss Village Complex. For more information, call 513-351-FACE or visit