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Basics in Eyelid Surgery – Droopy Eye Rejuvenation – Blepharoplasty

In the following weeks, I will post several articles on Blepharoplasty Eyelid Surgery. I feel that an upper blepharoplasty is one of the single best procedures to help individuals achieve a more “refreshed” and “youthful” appearance. Eyelid surgeries are performed under local anesthesia an take only 15-20 minutes to perform. The results last easily 15 to 20 years. This is by far one of our favorite procedures to perform.

A little background:
Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty—from blepharon, a Greek word meaning “eyelid,” and plasticos,“to mold”—is surgery to rejuvenate the eyelids.The purpose of cosmetic eyelid surgery is to help restore your eyes’ youthful beauty. As a bonus, the surgery might also help you see better if your upper lids are heavy and loose.

As our Eyelids begin to age:
Why do your eyelids begin to droop? Your eyelids, thin as they seem, have several layers—skin, muscles, tendons, fat, connective tissue, and the conjunctiva, a thin, moist membrane that lines the underside of the eyelid and the exposed part of the eye. As we age, the eyelid skin becomes thinner and stretches. Also, the orbicularis muscles around the eyes weaken. Both skin and muscle begin to sag. The upper lids may begin to drape over the lashes and, in some cases, even restrict your vision. Often, fat around the eyes will herniate or protrude through weak places in the muscle and create bags under the eyes. If this occurs in the upper lids, they may begin to look puffy and begin to droop. We describe this as “hooding.”

Results from upper eyelid blepharoplasty:
The main goal is to remove and reduce the amount of excessive tissue in the upper eyelid region so that the eye region regains a more “refreshed” and “youthful” appearance. Most patients wanting to look more “refreshed” would likely benefit from this fantastic procedures.

We will post additional information about these procedures in the following posts.