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Kim Novak Plastic Surgery Voluma

By March 6, 2014eyelids, Voluma

We have had many patients make statements about Kim Novak after watching her on the Oscars over the weekend. Certainly at age 81, I think that she’s looking younger than her stated age.

Her facial surgery, including facelifts and eyelid procedures definitely help her to look younger. I dont think its all about the surgery. I believe that she has been a little over corrected with facial fillers. Let me digress for a moment so that my comments will make more sense.

As we age, we lose volume in our skin. Our skin is composed mainly of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. For years, many materials including collagen has been used to “fill-in” line and wrinkles. Collagen didn’t last very long nor did it add much “volume.” Fat has been and is used to “augment” facial volume losses with great success. However, more recently, Voluma has been FDA approved and it has been a fantastic Hyaluronic Acid filler that has many wonderful characteristics.

Voluma is replacing like with like. That is, it is a hyaluronic acid. These materials are found ubiquitously – in all living organisms and are part of our bone and skin. They are soft and malleable, allowing us to sculpt and contour them with ease – much like sculpting clay. They are also reversible. Yes. We can reverse these materials instantaneously should we desire. (Of course we rarely ever want to do this unless a patient has been treated by an inexperienced injector in the wrong location.) Voluma adds Volume, Contour, Shape, Enhances the Skin, provides a Non-Surgical Lift, and overall has been remarkable. Voluma has been used for almost a decade in 72 countries before making its way to the US and FDA clearance this past October, 2013.

I cannot say enough about how much I enjoy the results we achieve with Voluma. However, when “too much” Volume is added we can start to see something less natural. This may be one of the main things about Kim Novak. It appeared that her cheeks were too full – at least too full in the wrong place. It appeared that she, along with several others on the Oscars had too much volume/filler in the anterior aspect of their cheeks.

Assuming this is Voluma, it can be sculpted into the proper position and probably should be for both a better “lift” and natural “contour” to these faces.

So, for Kim, I might say that she looks youthful, but maybe has been a little “overdone” and not quite as “natural” as I would like to see.

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