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Marking the Upper Eyelid Incision for a Blepharoplasty

Marking the Upper Eyelid Incision

The first step in an Upper blepharoplasty is accurately marking the the upper eyelid incision.  This process follows some standard guidleines and utilized the natural crease in the patients upper eyelid as a landmark.

As illustrated this crease is typically about 8-10 mm from the central portion of the lid starting from the eyelash margin. In the next step, we simply measure the amount of redundant or excess skin using very fine measuring instruments.  The upper line is then connected to the lower.I believe that this is the most critical part of the upper eyelid surgery.  Understanding the differences in male to female eyelid anatomy and the goals with the upper blepharoplasty are also important.

The next step is localizing the upper eyelid in preparation for the blepharoplasty.