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Picosure Focus Array For Sun Damaged Skin

By January 31, 2020Uncategorized


This week we had a patient interested in removing years of sun damage from her face and neck. Over the years, Actinic (sun) damage can appear as brown spots and larger brown patches of hyper pigmentation.

There are multiple treatment modalities, but all treatment plans include medical grade skincare use at home. Antioxidant serums, retinol and sometimes hydroquinone (commonly referred to as a bleaching cream) are included in this plan.

A safe and effective in-office treatment option for the pigment is the Picosure Focus Array Laser. This treatment has a laser beam that pulses at one trillion times per second, creating a gentle pressure upon pigment cells, causing these cells to breakup and come to the surface of the skin to flake off.

Since this laser uses mechanical energy instead of heat, it is safe for melasma and darker skin tones.

We love the Picosure Focus Array! Three to five treatments are recommended for best results, 3-4 weeks apart from each other. One of our Certified Medical Assistants, @Allison Thomas, suffers from hyperpigmentation on her face and we performed her second picosure treatment this week. Her skin is already visibly improved and we look forward to posting her “after photos” in a few weeks!

“The treatment took 10 minutes, I didn’t use any numbing cream. There was a mild heat sensation, but thats it and my skin looks so much better already. Its so awesome to see the years of damage reversing after each procedure.” – Allison, CMA

If you would like to learn more about this procedure, contact us at 513-351-3223 – Follow Your Beauty to Amazing Skin!

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