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Plastic Surgery Advertisements Can Be Dangerous!

By October 31, 2017Uncategorized
Study Reveals the dangers of plastic surgery advertisements on Instagram!!
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Americans are finding inspirations through celebrities and celebrity plastic surgeons online.  In fact, half of plastic surgeons say social media is a cheap way of advertising their services.
Beware!!! Some of the people advertising cosmetic surgery on Instagram are NOT always the best qualified to perform these procedures.  A survey was conducted of more than 1.7 million posts on Instagram under 21 plastic surgery hashtags, found that only 18% were posted by board-certified plastic surgeon.  Others were posted by barbers, salons, dentists and other NON-certified physicians, putting patients who respond to their ads at major risk.
This is very scary!!  These findings come as social media pressures more people to get plastic surgery.
A cosmetic surgeon is not necessarily the same thing as a board certified plastic surgeon, and patients need to be aware of this!!

Dr. Jon Mendelsohn