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If you have Tattoo Regret, Call us today 513-351-3223! Get that tattoo removed faster with the newest technology available! Breakthrough Tattoo Removal with PicoSure!

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  • Tim Behne says:

    What does tattoo removal cost? When last I checked tattoo removal cost $155 per square inch.

    • Dr. Mendelsohn says:

      Hi Tim. Tattoo removal with our PicoSure actually costs much less than that. Currently it is less costly than the former Q-switched lasers and it actually works!

  • Sandy middendorf says:


    I’m very I terested in having a tatto removed from the let side of my back…it’s about the size of a normal hand (finger tip to wrist).
    Do you have free consult? Could I have an estimate on cost?
    If there a waiting list? What is the recovery time? I have blue, purple, black ink. Will it take multiple treatments?

    Thank you for your time.

    • Dr. Mendelsohn says:

      We would be happy to help you with removing the tattoo on the left side of your back. Is there a way that you can forward a photo of the tattoo. We can then better provide additional information about its removal. Fell free to email the photos to info@351face.com. Thank you.

      Jon Mendelsohn, MD

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