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Advanced Facelift in Cincinnati

By June 17, 2015Uncategorized

Mark Lucas, Director of Patient Education often gets this question:

“I Want To Have A Facelift But I Am Afraid I Will Look Stretched”

This is probably one of the biggest concerns that cause patients to hesitate on surgical intervention. We’ve all seen individuals that, unfortunately, did not make the proper decision when choosing the right procedure.

Dr. Mendelsohn’s patients typically do not have to worry about this type of outcome due to the fact that the skin is not stretching the skin during our Advanced Lift procedure, unlike other methods such as Lifestyle Lift. In fact, during this procedure, Dr. Mendelsohn supports the SMAS (layer under the skin) which results in a natural/non-pulled appearance, and longevity much greater than the Life Style lift.

Call and book a consultation today to see if you have the proper anatomy for the Advanced Lift.