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How Do You Treat Bags Under Eyes – Best Under Eye Treatment for Bags 2021

By September 9, 2021FAQ Videos, LIVE Plastic Surgery

Under Eye Bags?  We Can Help!


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Under Eye Bags!

The treatment of bags under eyes is a common concern.

The appearance of bags is due to either loose skin or fat deposits or both. These developments are due primarily to genetics, so you can blame your parents. Other contributing factors include smoking, your overall health and nutrition, too much or too little sleep and UV damage.

The solution involves addressing any underlying issues possible as well as various treatments. Excellent medical grade skin care is an ideal starting point and should include a retinal, antioxidant, collagen stimulator, moisturizer and SPF. Many eye creams also include brightners to address pigmentation.

Another aspect of skin care is rejuvenation of the skin through lasers such as the DOT resurfacing laser, and it’s performed on the full face or the eye area only. The use of dermal fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane can be very helpful to smooth the skin under the eyes, to minimize the appearance of bags. Seek an experienced injector for this off label treatment.

The goal is to restore mid cheek or upper cheek volume for support and soft fill and smoothing of the depression or hollows around the lower eye. In doing so, the bags are minimized or camouflaged by the lifted skin around the bags. These fillers typically last one to two years. Surgery can be a solution for under eye bags.

Surgery in this area is called Blepharoplasty. When used for bags, either lose an excess of skin alone, or with prominent fat pads, are being removed from the under eye area. And it may be combined with removing upper eyelid skin sagging as well. While lower blepharoplasty is an effective surgical treatment, it has limitations. The amount of skin that can be removed from the lower lid is limited by the need to avoid pulling or tugging on the lower lid.

The amount of fat removed can decrease a bag, but lead to hollowness. Fat pad removal is almost always accompanied by injectable filler to replace volume and provide smoothness. As you can see, this is a delicate area. It’s often treated using more than one component of rejuvenation.

For best results, seek the opinion of an experienced facial surgeon and injector.

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