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What Can Help My Dark Circles Under Eyes? Best Under Eye Treatment 2021

By September 8, 2021FAQ Videos, LIVE Plastic Surgery

Help My Under Eye Dark Circles!


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Dark circles under eyes!

Dark circles under the lower eyes is a common complaint of both men and women and can appear early in life.

Dark circles may be accompanied by bags and loose skin, and can make you look older than you are as well as tired looking. These circles can be difficult to improve.

Let’s talk about the causes and treatment of this common concern. Darkness or dark circles under the eyes can have many causes. Fatigue or oversleeping can lead to pale skin or dark skin and possibly puffiness under the eye. Allergies, anemia, thyroid issues and smoking are also possible causes. With age, the skin becomes thinner, loses fat and the collagen associated with elasticity, worsening this issue. Chronic eyestrain can cause blood vessels around the eye to enlarge and appear darker. Dehydration can cause the skin under the eyes to look dark and sunken. Overproduction of melanin can be excessive due to genetics, including your ethnicity, your age and UV exposure. Puffiness from fat pads can cause shadowing that looks like dark circles due to the way the light reflects off the under eye area. So what are your best solutions to treat dark circles?

There are several home remedies you can try, including cool compresses, cold tea bags to the eye area, increasing your sleep time, sleeping with your head elevated and skin products with lightners and brightners and of course, makeup. Medical cosmetic treatments are available for more effective and permanent solutions.

Options include chemical peels to reduce pigmentation and medical grade skin care, which would ideally include retinals, antioxidant and skin Lighteners. Laser treatment to resurface the skin and enhance skin tightening can improve this area and will involve a bit of healing time.

Injectable fillers are used to smooth, contour, and replace volume loss and may conceal deeper blood vessels. Treatment with filler may take place over two sessions and will last one to two years.

Lower blepharoplasty or surgery to remove fat pads or excessive of skin under the eyelid may also be used to provide a smoother and more even surface. Fat removal is almost always accompanied by fillers for the best result. As you can see, dealing with dark circles under your eyes may involve more than one solution.

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