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What Treatment Is Used For Crepey Skin Under Eyes? Best Under Eye Treatment 2021

By September 2, 2021FAQ Videos, LIVE Plastic Surgery

What is the Best Treatment for Crepey Under Eye Skin?


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What is Crepey skin under your eyes?

Crepey skin under your eyes, refers to the loose skin under your lower eyelid.

The skin tends to sag and give the appearance of bags, especially if you hold fluid in this area.

Crepey skin can make you look tired and feel older than you would like. And it’s certainly not how you want others to see you.

When you’re ready to address the skin under your eyes, you should start with a consultation with a board certified facial plastic surgeon. You’ll discuss whether you’re a candidate for lower eyelid surgery or if there are non-invasive means to improve the skin. While surgery can be extremely effective as a way to remove excess skin, it may not be your best option. The amount of skin able to be removed is limited by the need to avoid placing excessive tension on the lower lid, which has a relatively weak muscle holding it in place. Too much stress on the skin pulls the lower lid away from the eye, which is an undesirable outcome. In addition, surgery will not improve the quality of the skin. So if there’s not enough extra skin to warrant surgical removal and, or the skin quality is bad, the focus is non-surgical to improve the skin quality and to replace volume loss.

Using retinol as a skin care product helps to increase collagen production to add structure and thickness to this naturally thin skin. Medical grade eye creams, especially those designed to stimulate collagen, such as Alastin Restorative Eye Cream, are also helpful. Medical skin treatments with lasers works well to improve the quality of the skin under your eyes.

These treatments deliver energy through and under the skin. As we deliver laser energy to the tissue, the healing causes the skin to contract. In addition, we trigger ongoing collagen production to tighten the skin for ongoing improvement over the coming months. Finally, injectable hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm Voluma or Volbella are used to restore volume loss that may contribute to crepey skin.

Think of a balloon which is deflated, restoring volume makes the surface smoother. Similarly, by placing filler along the mid upper cheekbone or under the skin of the under eye, fillers can be part of the solution for this delicate region.

You can refer to our Advanced Answers about under eye filler for more information on this treatment.

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