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Cannulas for Tear Troughs – Where Can Cannulas Be Used?

Where can Cannulas Be Used for Filler Treatments?


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Cannulas for Tear Trough or Where can Cannulas be used for Filler?

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You may have heard of cannulas for facial filler placement and are wondering where this technique is used. First of all, a cannula is a blunt or rounded tip hollow tube longer than most needles and is used to place filler. It’s an alternative to a needle, which is the traditional method of filler placement.

Both methods of injection have their place, but the use of cannulas can offer several benefits to patients. When considering facial filler, a full facial assessment and development of a treatment plan is the first step.

The analysis should include facial structure, volume loss, skin condition, patient concerns, as well as discussion of product choice and methods of treatment. Often in the area of concern to the patient is not the best actual treatment site, as volume replacement of cheeks and chin are the basis of rejuvenation of the face. In these cases, a cannula is ideal because lost volume is restored using only a few punctures rather than many sticks with the needle. The cheeks, mid-cheek, under eyes, chin, folds and jawline are all excellent areas to treat with a cannula. In this case, a small introducer needle is used to create an entry point for the cannula, which is inserted into the opening and moved under the skin in the desired tissue level or plain.

The fillers are placed as the cannula is withdrawn, allowing for smooth, linear or fanning. Because the cannula is 1 1/2″ long, it can reach a larger area through one puncture site compared to the usual 1/2″ needle. Because the tip of the cannula is rounded, it’s very unlikely to damage any blood vessels. So this method is safer than the needle and causes less bruising.

Most patients find the cannula to be less painful than needles. There’s typically one needle stick per area per side rather than multiple needle sticks. This allows for a much safer and comfortable treatment, especially for the under eye or tear trough, which is one of the prime uses for cannulas.

By restoring volume to the mid-cheek and under eye region, the tear trough is effectively rejuvenated. And please don’t forget to give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel for more videos, live surgery footage, real patient experiences, demonstrations and so much more.

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