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Dr. Jon Mendelsohn Follows Up with Liz Bonis Regarding Alma Duo – Best ED Treatment in Cincinnati

Alma Duo – New Procedure To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

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So joining us now, Dr. Jon Mendelsohn with the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center.

Good morning to you. So since our story, I have to tell you, I have not had any negative feedback in terms of people saying I don’t want to talk about this. People have been thrilled to know there’s an alternative. Are you finding that? Yeah, I think it’s great. The fact that there’s a painless treatment out there that actually works for erectile, as I call it, function, but for ED has been fantastic and it allows a lower threshold. There were something called GAINSwave out there that was very painful. And you can imagine most men probably wouldn’t succumb to more than one treatment with something like that. Interesting.

Now, a little delicate subject. And if you’re just waking up with us. But you also mentioned now that this has dual use, meaning you can use it for men and women sexual function OK, because you asked me. But it is also used for women who have orgasmic problems, and it’s treated in a very similar manner and in between the last time we filmed that and now it was actually approved for that purpose.

Wow. So I’m guessing what it does is just help with blood flow. It does. It helps the blood flow, new tissue regeneration. It’s exactly the same sorts of things that we’ve talked about in the past with PRP platelet rich plasma. OK, so we have a graphic that we just want to make sure that medically we tell people what’s linked to erectile dysfunction or, as you say, maybe some problems in women’s sexual function. So to kind of classify this, you say you have difficulty getting an erection, maintaining an erection. But then a lot of people, they go, h, this is just in your head, you know, and Certainly a lot of it can be in somebody’s head. There are a lot of factors, however, with regards to what we’re seeing is that men nocturnal erections or early morning erections, those are things that many men for years have not experienced. And so following the treatment with Alma Duo , those are some things that show that the blood flow is increasing and things are working more naturally and spontaneously.

OK, so after we aired this story, somebody came to me and said, You know, I noticed there’s a lot of ads for different erectile dysfunction pills and whatnot on your air. Is this a pretty prevalent problem?

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