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Defy Gravity Flyer

Join us Tuesday, November 11th at 12noon for an informational seminar with Dr. Jon Mendelsohn at the Mitchell’s Salon in Kenwood. Learn about the wonderful world of cosmetic procedures, ask questions, and enjoy a complimentary lunch.

RSVP by calling 513-351-FACE.

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  • Lisa says:

    can’t u put together something in northern ky’. I am interested in frown lines! Jjowls, and. Sagging neck.
    I suffer from panic attacks and no way can I drive there.

    • Dr. Mendelsohn says:

      Hi Lisa. We can arrange to discuss you needs initially if you are able to provide photo’s to us. We can set up a call to review your options. Should you decide to proceed with surgery, we can always work in Northern Kentucky if need be. Let’s start with a phone call. Thank you.
      Jon Mendelsohn

  • Lisa says:

    Can’t u set up something in n ky. I suffer from panic attacks and can not drive over there.i wold be interested in frown line removal , jowl removal, and turkey neck removal. I am 53 and did not age well. A lot of this is hereditary

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