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Empowering Teens Through Community Gardens: Happen Inc’s Butterfly Garden Foster Entrepreneurship


Thanks to Sheree at WLWT for focusing on The Mendelsohn Foundation for the Arts!

Discover a transformative initiative that is nurturing both the minds and hearts of teenagers in North Side. Happen Inc’s newly established Butterfly Garden and Do Good’s Garden, made possible by the Mendelsohn Foundation for the Arts, are sowing the seeds of valuable life lessons and entrepreneurship skills.

Step into the world of Happen Outside Art and Nature Centers, where the vibrant Butterfly Garden thrives. Teenagers are immersing themselves in planting and nurturing exquisite flowers, soon to be featured in their very own flower sale this weekend.

This practical experience equips them with essential skills while fostering a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. But the impact doesn’t stop there. Enter the Do Good’s Garden, a remarkable vegetable haven cultivated in collaboration with Dr. Jon Mendelsohn and the Foundation, alongside dedicated community members.

This garden embodies the spirit of giving back, where kids participate in harvesting and can handpick their produce without monetary exchange. The “Do Good” program encourages them to commit to a positive action each day, turning their gestures into a bountiful bag of vegetables and creating a beautiful tapestry of community goodness.

At the heart of these initiatives is Happen Inc’s visionary founder and director, Tommy Rueff, and the philanthropic commitment of Dr. Jon Mendelsohn. Their shared passion for empowering the youth through art, nature, and community involvement has blossomed into tangible results that enrich lives and foster lifelong skills. Dr. Jon Mendelsohn reflects on the importance of these projects, stating, “Both of these gardens provide an avenue for children to give back. Through selling flowers and cultivating sustainable produce, these teenagers are learning essential skills that will serve them for a lifetime.”

The Mendelsohn Foundation for the Arts, established in 2005, continues to champion children’s creativity through various endeavors. Their collaboration with Happen Inc exemplifies their dedication to fostering expression, creativity, and community engagement. Join us in celebrating the growth and impact of Happen Inc’s Butterfly Garden and Do Good’s Garden. Experience the beauty of nature, the power of giving, and the promise of a brighter future for North Side’s youth.

Explore more about Happen, Inc. and the Mendelsohn Foundation for Arts through the links provided on your screen.

Your involvement could be the next step in nurturing young minds and shaping a better tomorrow.