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Emsella – Transform Your Life with Pelvic Floor Tightening & More!


Ch. 12 – Look Good On Your Lunch Hour with Liz Bonis recently interviewed Dr. Jon Mendelsohn on the newest technology for pelvic floor rejuvenation.

Look Good on Your Lunch Hour sponsored by Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center Discover the Future of Confidence!

Goodbye Leaks, Hello Control! Introducing Emsella – The Ultimate Solution for Pelvic Floor Tightening.

Are sneezes, coughs, and laughter causing unwanted leaks? Say farewell to urinary incontinence with Emsella, the FDA-approved breakthrough technology brought to you by Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center. Join Dr. Jon Mendelsohn and our confident model, Michelle, as they unveil the power of Emsella and its incredible benefits.

Strengthen Your Core: Experience 11,500 Kegel Maneuvers in Just 28 Minutes!

Emsella works wonders by stimulating and strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. Say goodbye to sagging pelvic muscles and regain control over your bladder. Michelle shares her experience with the comfortable and painless treatment that will leave you feeling confident and leak-free.

Unveil Your Best Self: Enhance Sexual Function and Confidence!

But that’s not all! Emsella isn’t just about bladder control – it’s your secret to a more fulfilling intimate life. Discover how Emsella enhances sexual function by controlling pelvic floor musculature. Feel empowered and ready to embrace a new level of confidence.

Join the Emsella Revolution Today!

Ready to take the next step? Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity! Contact us at [Insert Phone Number] to schedule your sessions and unlock the benefits of Emsella. With six treatments, each lasting only 28 minutes, you can experience the transformation you’ve been waiting for. Say yes to confidence, comfort, and control.

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Mark your calendar for Tuesday, August 22nd – 2023!

Join us for an exclusive bus tour featuring Emsella and the latest advancements in cosmetic technology. Discover EmsculptNEo for body contouring and Emface for tightening – all in one place. The bus will be parked at our center for two hours, bringing you closer to your dream transformation.

Don’t miss out on the future of confidence and beauty.