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Eyelid Rejuvenation in Cincinnati. Liz Bonis talks about PRP, Micro-neelding and Eyelid Surgery in Cincinnati

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What’s Happening in Health: October 28, 2018

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Look who’s back in the House speaking of eyes up next. Look Good Feel Better. It is all about eyes. Wait to see what this team is going to do in-house while you watch. It’s next on what’s happening in. Hey everybody. Good morning. Thank you for joining us here on what’s happening in the house. This is a really unique show today. Take a look at this live team and how say alota Don Mendel Sandin hoteliers from the advanced cosmetic surgery and Laser Center. They are prepping our patient now for a live treatment to give you better looking eyes.

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You’re going to be able to watch it happen. We’ll share more from them in just a little while on our program.

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Everybody welcome back. It is time for Look Good Feel Better today and I’m so excited because joining us now live in studio. The team from the advanced cosmetic surgery and Laser Center Dr. John Mendelsohn and nurse practitioner hope Meurs. Good morning to both of you. OK so John we know you’ve been one of the most supportive people of our show. We love to showcase your work. I know hopes a new addition. So let’s because we’re going to have her start working just tell us a little bit about what her role is what she’s doing here and then we’ll kind of get you to work.

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Sure so hope comes from a dermatology background. So for the past seven years in Cincinnati she’s done a lot of medical and cosmetic dermatology.

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We’re going to see some of the things that she’s an expert at today injectable fillers Botox lots of skincare micro needling PSAP but I also think it’s important to you do some of the basic dermatology things that people ask me all the time you don’t do anything from skin cancer identification to buy up seeing and treatment for that as well as skincare skin rejuvenation and laser therapies injectable which is excellent because I certainly do people with those basic questions are really important.

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Turn that on just so we can hear this is what we have to look forward to yes we’re going to do something for the end of this. I’m a vampire facelift. First was how you were with our patient here on some islet things correct.

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We did. So let’s talk about what did you do. Because we’ve got video to show you of our first procedure. So what do you do.

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Sure. So we performed what’s called the Upper bluff plaster or an upper eyelid procedure and as you can see first of all eyelid rejuvenation is one of the best things anybody can do. The idea here is to remove the redundant or extra eyelid skin. What you see is you see a marking of the eyelids and surgically removing the excess Scurr eyelid region.

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Now I know that doesn’t look pretty but it’s all love and you don’t feel it right.

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So this is a procedure performed under local anesthesia takes about 20 25 minutes to perform and basically patients come in take a little Valium. We’ll go ahead and localize the Airi will numb it up just like you would a little skin cancer a little mole. We’ll wait a few minutes and as you saw we’ll simply excise that skin. We use one stitch one suture goes back and forth underneath the skin. Little tiny not as tight on each side and it’s removed about six days later.

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OK so this is the removal then that we’re seeing there.

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Right so you can see she’s clipping the little knot in the in the center and she is simply going to slide the suture out.

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And I know that our patient doesn’t really want to talk but I have to ask was it painful along the way. Was it OK you can just kind of give me a yesterday it was not painful I didn’t feel pain. OK. So she said it wasn’t painful she’s not miked but that’s her story we’re sticking to it. OK. So from there then you also had some before and afters of hers and I have to say she looks she didn’t look bad before but man did it there was any dramatic difference. Look at that. So is that the goal.

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The goal is to look more refreshed. It’s not to look like Kenny Rogers or startle or have seen the surprised look quite off but you can see with joy you can see just how much brighter her eyes are and the other patients. And you can see it really does a lot when we communicate we communicate with our eyes. And they’ve done a lot of studies looking at the cicada movements of our eyes that is how we communicate with each other and a lot of information is shared. Are you tired angry sad. In so when patients come in they’re often saying you know I feel good I’m taking care of myself but what can I do. OK. This is one of the single best things anyone can do.

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I’m noticing that in a lot of these people we think you know while you have to be old or whatever you don’t. So then you sort of add to this so you have a couple of things that you can show us here one of them is called PR. So tell me what is P4P and we’re going to kind of let you go to work so we can watch it work a little bit.

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So P4P stands for platelet rich plasma. This is an element in all of our bodies and all of our blood serum that has natural healing elements in college and stimulators so we can concentrate that at our office and inject it where we need it.

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OK. So you are going to do a little bit of that with her because you brought some of this blood. Dr. John. Talk us through. We saw you take the blood out and then she’s walking to what we call I call it the spinner but there there’s a professional named right.

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It’s called the centrifuge. But we can call it a spinner. So what we’re doing is we’re removing blood from a patient as you saw and we’ll spin it down in the centrifuge the the spinner will really separate the blood into what we call platelet rich and platelet poor blood. So platelets as you may know are one of the first cells to come to the area. If you were to get yourself to stop the bleeding.

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Okay so let’s get out of that video and see because then what she’s doing is injecting that in. So tell us kind of talk us through there. Sure.

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So what I’m actually doing is making a little tiny hole with a small small needle. This is her.

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Platelet Rich Plasma. Thank you very much. And it has just a little. It looks like a little noodle on the end of there. Can you last. OK. And then what dish by putting that in.

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John what does it do to the platelet rich plasma that we spun down contains a lot of what we call growth factors or wound healing factors so it’s what this is doing it’s like triggering a response to injury where the tissue will be regenerated and remodel.

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And when does it show up.

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Well you’ll see some immediate results but that’s more from the volume. Usually it takes about at least 10 weeks to begin to see the process and it continues for about four months actually.

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And you know it’s a little hard because if you’re needle phobic person we know it’s hard to watch but she’s kind of numb under the eyes so we’re not feeling and this is a canyon.

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It’s not a needle so it’s blunt. She made a little a little hole just to place the Kinyua and now she’s filling in what we call it the tear trough here. We talked about upper eyelid rejuvenation. The reason why we use a lot of non-surgical treatments in the lower eyelid is a lower blood for plasty often isn’t required these days. We want to fill in this area if you see Jill here she has something called the tear trough there’s actually a concave or a sunken in regions or you lifted the top but you’re filling the bottom compressing right.

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And then it’s rejuvenating from the AP Luli. So she looks fabulous. We’re not sanctioned to this Don. But then you also mentioned to me it’s Halloween time so we talked about this thing where you also use the microwave. What do you call it microwave micro needling. OK. So on the other side of her face we can hear and show this kind of thing right. And would you use both of these.

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They’re often used in combination. Yes. The PSP is being injected to induce new tissue and collagen topically. You’ll see by creating some injury to the topical surface will be stimulating.

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OK. So she took some of that blood that was in there which is her blood that was already enhanced as the AP in the play that which protein correct. Yeah the rich ploddingly rich plasma and then what you’re doing now is topically putting that.

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Correct. Correct. So this micro needle actually is going to drive this down into the top portion of her skin.

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OK. So I know that’s this sort of a readiness to it and that’s why they call it a vampire facelift. You actually see what.

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Well you’re going to you’re going to you’re you’re going to see a little bit of bleeding so they pointed the vampire facelift that’s really from the pr p more than the micro needling the micro noodling is simulating the superficial layers of the skin. They simulate cells called fiber blast to produce more college. So this is a wonderful tissue regeneration skin rejuvenation procedure. So when I do it over the whole.

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The whole face. What do you do. I have faith.

00:07:55:26 – 00:08:10:14
Chast it does grate around the Perry oral lines here. So getting rid of it I’m like OK so we’ve got to see you actually dipping it in her. I’m putting more on there more this good stuff right onto that scandalous stuff again is that the PR people were trying to impregnate.

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Right. The PSAP into the injured area that hopes creating with the micro needle.

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OK so again how long will it be before we see results.

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Her skin will look pretty good over the next couple of days that will look bright and beautiful. This is something that’s usually done in a series you’ll probably have three or four treatments maybe periodically and you anywhere for maybe four to six weeks apart. This is also done as maintenance. But you can treat some of the photo aging some of the brown areas as well as some of the fine lines.

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We’d love it in the lower eyelid area as hopes that we’d love it around the mouth as well for some of these lip lines.

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So in conclusion we started with the eyelid upper left upper bluffer plasti and then we followed it with we followed it with treatment for the skin which also addresses the lower eyelid with PSAP platelet rich plasma injections and micro needling.

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And so in ten weeks we’re going to do a follow up here and we’re going to see a little bit more on what her face looks like because that would be the true test right.

00:09:07:21 – 00:09:09:02
Yes. Let me say one quick thing.

00:09:09:02 – 00:09:22:13
It’s about injectable fillers in general PSAP is great. It induces college an enhancement. Some of the volume of Vellore Bella hyaluronic gases are wonderful in this area for people who don’t want to undergo any of this.

00:09:22:13 – 00:09:26:02
It’s a simple injection in the office and the products last up to two years.

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OK so have your blood isn’t your thing we can use this. All right. We know that you guys have lots of things and you’ve been real supportive we have a link to Dr. Mendelson’s team at the advanced cosmetic surgery and Laser Center. I know through the end of October you do a low cost Botox and a few things that we help people reach out and give you a call.

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Thanks for being gutsy and coming in and doing it live on TV. All for all of us but we appreciate it. This came out really great. All right up next.