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Follow Your Beauty – One Procedure At A Time!

By January 17, 2020Uncategorized

Follow Your Beauty Podcast Episode with Josh & Crystal discussing Botox, Fillers, Eyelids and so much more!

Josh met Crystal at work about 5 years ago and immediately they became best friends. Crystal doesn’t hide anything from Josh, so when she decided to have her upper eyelid surgery by Dr. Mendelsohn, he was instantly skeptical. Josh didn’t want Crystal to look any different and was worried about the actual procedure. Crystal decided to her upper eyelid surgery after doing a lot of research on finding the best surgeon.

Dr. Mendelsohn invited Crystal’s mom to sit in on her initial consultation and during that time, her mom, Vickie, decided to have her eyes done, too. Having their eyelid procedures together was more than just a new experience, they actually had a great time!

When Crystal returned to work the following day after her upper eyelid surgery, Josh couldn’t believe how great she looked. He was excited that she had done this for herself! When Josh decided it was time to take the next step in healthy looking skin, Crystal brought him to Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center for his first treatment of Botox. Josh knew that skincare alone was not going to erase his deep forehead lines he has had since high school. Since having Botox, Josh has received compliments on how great his skin looks and feels that it is now more acceptable and less secretive than it used to be.

Josh is hooked on Botox. And has even consider fillers for under his eyes and lips. While he was never a fan of needles, Josh thought the injections were painless and very simple. He tells all his friends – Do it… Why not?

Follow Your Beauty Podcast and stay tuned for Julie’s What’s In What’s Out in the World of Plastic Surgery!

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