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Follow Your Beauty Podcast – Follow Your Nose! Josh Ep2

By February 5, 2020Uncategorized

Josh has been a long time friend and patient at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center. In 2008 Josh came to Dr. Mendelsohn with the concern that his nose was shaped like a beak. Josh didn’t like the curve, he desired a flat straight nose. From the side he felt ugly and wanted to have that corrected. Josh felt confident that Dr. Mendelsohn would be able to help. Josh’s fears included pain and getting anesthesia. After reading more about the procedure he was worried about the packing and going back to have that removed. When he consulted with Dr. Mendelsohn and learned that he didn’t use packing as part of the rhinoplasty procedure, he was ready to go! If anyone is thinking about having a rhinoplasty procedure, this is the episode to watch. We’re covering everything you need to know! We’ll review the anatomy and how imaging technology helps our patients feel confident about their rhinoplasty procedure. There is a big difference in how we conduct the rhinoplasty process. This is a procedure that most people think about for years. Also, the fears of a botched outcome keep a lot of people from moving ahead with the procedure. That is why Dr. Mendelsohn spends a lot of time with his rhinoplasty patients before he schedules their procedure. Dr. Mendelsohn only performs facial procedures, and rhinoplasty is one of his favorites. It’s really important that you know what your surgeon’s abilities are.