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How Affective Is Laser Therapy for Hair Loss (Laser Cap Technology 2020)

How Affective Is Laser Therapy for Hair Loss Using the Laser Cap Technology 2020

Hello, Mark Lucas here, Clinical Director for Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Centers Hair Loss Division. Today we are going to review Laser Therapy For Hair Loss. Way back in 1967 studies were being performed on the healing effects of red laser on tumors in mice. The tumors were not cured, but increased rates of wound healing, and hair regrowth were discovered. These discoveries gave birth to the field of LLLHT (Low Level Laser Hair Therapy. So back in 1998 we were experimenting with Laser Technology to stimulate hair regrowth but unfortunately we could not produce results that were cosmetically acceptable. All this changed in 2004 when we discovered new technology out of Italy and brought it to Cincinnati. Patients would need to visit our office 3 times per week and sit under the laser. Typically by month 4 we were seeing cosmetically acceptable results. The negative? These visits would be required forever because as soon as you stopped treatment, the hair loss would return. Now for the good news! Technology has advanced to where you can purchase one of our prescription strength take home devices and treat yourself in the comfort and privacy of your home. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and we’ll talk soon.

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