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How To Get Rid of Acne (Best Acne Treatments 2020)

How To Get Rid of Acne (Best Acne Treatments 2020)

Acne occurs when hair follicles become clogged with skin cells, bacteria and excessive oil. Acne lesions appear as pink, red or white bumps insists on the facial skin chest or back. These lesions can hurt, itch and cause inflamed skin in the surrounding areas. They also can lead to various degrees of scarring. Acne scarring can lead to embarrassment, low self-confidence and avoidance of social activities. Our Studio A team will make sure your skin is a priority and after we complete a thorough evaluation, we’ll cater a treatment plan for your specific needs. Prior to treating any of your scarring, we want to make sure that your active acne is controlled. Acne occurs for a few different reasons. We all carry bacteria on our skin and some people get overgrowth leading to more acne lesions, so we can treat this cause of acne with an antibacterial face wash like Benzoyl peroxide. We may need a prescription antibacterial treatment as well which our team can provide you. Another cause of acne is the buildup of skin cells in our pores which leads to clogging resulting in a pimple also known as zits. To treat this we need a keratolytic agent to break up the black heads and open up our pores. Such as salicylic acid washes or you may need a prescription written quick acid cream like tretinoin. Hormones can also play a part in acne formation and this doesn’t just happen when you’re a teenager. Hormonal acne can affect you throughout your life leading to adult acne on the face neck and chest. We can treat hormonal acne with a prescription pill called spironolacton. A medical grade skin care routine at home and in office skincare therapies. Will discuss the best acne treatments in a later segment so stay tuned. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and we’ll talk soon.

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