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Is QWO For Cellulite Safe? – Best Cellulite Treatment 2021

Is QWO for cellulite treatment safe?


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Is QWO Safe?

The safety of QWO is one of the most common questions we hear when discussing this new treatment from moderate to severe cellulite in women. Based on clinical trials involving over 1,800 patients who were followed up for up to six months, and FDA approval, the answer is YES, QWO is safe. Let’s start with who should NOT receive, QWO. A patient with any history of sensitivity to collagenase, an enzyme contained in QWO, or any of the other ingredients in the product should not be treated. A complete list of both active and inactive ingredients are available for someone who has significant allergies. Other disqualifiers for treatment, include a history of past allergic reaction to QWO, a bleeding disorder or being on blood thinning medication, active infection in the treatment area, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Although allergic reaction to any medication can occur at any time, if none of these conditions pertain to you, QWO should be a safe treatment for you to receive. You should expect to require up to three treatments spaced 21 days apart for the best result. And there are common side effects to discuss. Bruising was seen in 84% of test patients and could be severe. It could be very dark. It could be very large bruising. Pain and tenderness was seen in 48% of patients.

A nodule or lump occurred 33% of the time and itching 15%. Other side effects noted include redness, discoloration, swelling and warmth. None of these side effects caused downtime in study patients. In other words, you continue working, normal leisure activities and your workouts. The actual treatment is quick and relatively painless, feeling like a series of small sticks with a tiny needle. Our patients reported that treatment was, and I quote, really not bad at all and quote, almost nothing.

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