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Lip Fillers, Botox and More….

By November 1, 2017Uncategorized

Jill, one of our Patient Coordinators, was a novice – she had not had botox or filler until a week ago! We started with botox and she is loving her new, relaxed look – no more frowning at the other staff members!

Then we added filler to her cheeks and lips for emphasis. We used three Juvederm Voluma syringes to her cheeks to round out what we call the malar (or cheek) crease and lift the region under her eyes – the tear trough. This filler has an FDA rating to last up to 2 years, so we may choose to “top it off” at one year, when roughly half may have been absorbed. One Juvederm Volbella was injected into her lips, dividing the volume evenly between the upper and lower lip. She had been pre-treated with topical numbing, so her injections were nearly painless. There is typically some mild swelling in the lips, and she actually loved the fullness, so we may be adding more volume after 2 weeks of allowing the product to settle in and allow for all swelling to subside. 

Like most patients, filler treatment is often a work in progress, so we’ll re-evaluate in 2 weeks and see if we need to use more anywhere else to obtain the best result.

Jill being injected by Karen Whitney, PA