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LIVE Upper Eyelid Surgery – Watch a live stream of an actual Upper Eyelid Lift by Dr. Mendelsohn!


Okay, So there’s really not much bleeding, but we’re going to use an instrument called the cautery, bipolar cautery, to just seal any of these blood vessels that we see that one might want to bleed.
And this instrument is also used to help define the crease more so right along this area after more cauterize so that when it heals she’ll have a more defined eyelid crease.

The whitish layer that we start to see here is called the orbital septum, and that’s a partition between the other compartments, in this case, the fatty compartment of the island. And in the medial area here.
We’re going to remove a little bit of this.

And I mean, it was a cute little bit of pressure here for me.

And what you start to see here beneath the orbital septum is one of the compartments. There are two main compartments of orbital fat here. And this is what creates some of the fullness or bulge in your right now. It used to be 20 years ago where we would remove as much of this as we could. It’s very exciting when we when we think we’re helping somebody. But the problem is that if we remove too much, people get what’s called an A-frame deformity. They get a big deficiency of volume here. And that’s not necessarily a youthful look.

So we’re going to remove some of this little injection here you might feel. And all I’m doing here is putting a little more light a came in here just so with the cautery. She doesn’t feel it. And the epinephrine so it doesn’t bleed.

maybe an hour or so. And we’re going to finish the the right side.

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