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Liz Bonis with WKRC-TV – Watch a Live EMFACE Demonstration – Less Wrinkles! More Lift! Non-Surgical!

Look Good on Your Lunch Hour with the newest non-surgical procedure for the Face!


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Dr. Jon Mendelsohn is proud to offer this revolutionary facial technology. Look Good on Your Lunch Hour sponsored by the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center.

Look good on your Lunch Hour, sponsored by the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center.

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In Look Good on Your Lunch Hour Today – It’s New Year – New you.

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There’s something new to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It’s called EMFACE. And here to show us how it works, Dr. Jon Mendelsohn from the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center. Our very brave model named Jeaneen. So, Dr. Jon, what is EMFACE?

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So EMFACE is a new technology. We have talked previously before about another suite, the suite of products that include EMSCLUPT NEO for body contouring for fat in your glutes, thighs and biceps and triceps and EMSELLA for urinary incontinence. And this is EMFACE. And it uses a similar type of technology that is two modalities. One is for, I’m going to zoom in her on on here a little bit, one is for electricity that will stimulate the facial muscles.

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And if you think about it this way, if you think about the face as a hammock and if we’re tightening the hammock, we’re going to begin to tighten the contents and lift and elevate the contents. And so what you’ll see, you can well, you can see her twitching here. You can see this electrical stimulation is stimulating the zygomatic muscles, different facial muscles, the frontalis muscles, as you can see, her brows and eyelids go up and along the cheeks, along the jawline, the full face, you’ll see some tightening.

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The other part of this is wrinkle reduction. And we’ve talked about radio frequency before. And so one of the modalities she’s feeling is her skin is being heated up to about 42 degree celsius. And collagen and elastin are being produced. And so over a three month period, she’ll begin to see wrinkle reduction as well.

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What’s that feel like, Jeaneen? It’s just a little tingly. It feels a little relaxing.

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It’s like it’s exercising your face there. Okay.

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So exactly.

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Couple things. We have a little video for you to show us how it works below the surface. And I just want you to tell us what’s kind of happening underneath, how many treatments you’ll need, and roughly what it cost for treatment.

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Yes, sure. So there are FOUR, 20 minute treatments. That’s about a week apart. And you can see, just as you saw with Jeanee a moment ago, we’ve got this HIFES, which is the electrical energy that’s stimulating those muscles, those elevator muscles, to contract. And that’s what you’re seeing here. You’re going to see those muscles begin to contract. And it’s like a workout for your face, Liz. And then the second portion of this is the radiofrequency energy. And we’ve talked about this where it is stimulating that elastin and collagen over time to help with wrinkle reduction.

00:02:41:11 – 00:02:54:07
We’re going to show befores & afters, because we want to make sure people can see a little of that. We have a couple courtesy of EMFACE. And then one of your final patients as well. And then just tell me, per treatment is there for the treatment cost.

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So, yes, the photo that you saw there was Jeaneen before her eyelids last month. She was here and we did the live eyelid surgery with you. And you can see her today. This is along the jaw line you’re seeing. These are subtle results, but they’re their natural results. It’s not supposed to compete with a facelift per-se. It’s adjunctive to other treatments that we might provide. Like instead of doing a brow lifting procedure where we make an incision from one ear to the other ear across the scalp. We might choose EMFACE face to elevate the eyebrows and rejuvenate the eyelids.

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I’m getting wrapped up in my ear here. If you’re interested, we have a phone number for you. But per treatment costs one more time.

00:03:32:14 – 00:03:37:21
Per treatment costs are anywhere about 30 $200 for four treatments.

00:03:37:23 – 00:03:43:02
Got it. All right. Interesting new technology for New Year in the New Year. Dr. Jon Mendelsohn, thanks for sharing your time today.

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Okay. Thank you, Liz. Have a good day. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list… https://youtu.be/zBooSZL4en4 https://youtu.be/fJsKh_OoVMk



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